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Secrets of Tantrik Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu & Shri Narayan Sai

These are facts which are faced and researched by victims of asaram.Please spread this document to your family and let them judge at least and not fall in trap of asaram. Save your family.

Secrets of Asaram Bapu & his son Narayan Sindhi
Tricks used by Tantrik asaram bapu to brainwash young people who become his followers
This document will explain you why asaram had so many followers, and why there are still some left inhis ashram as his fanatic followers. How asaram manipulates innocent people and recruit them to work inhis ashram as slaves. I am not asking for money and I am not selling this document, this is real life of people who are still left in asarams mindprison called ashram and this is written so you can understandhow asaram ashram functions & this document is only meant to express my feelings and warn you so youcan learn from our experiences from asaram and
 may save you and your family from asaram

. Pleaseforgive me for any grammatical mistakes as I am not a writer we are team of ex asaram followers whohave ruined their live in the illusion of asaram. Every line & word written in this document is true & veryimportant and it may save you & your family
life. If you feel something you didn’t understood and thatcan’t be happening then reread this document and try to talk to his ashram inmates or visit them
personally and you will know the real facts, and will agree with me that how dangerous asaram cultis,and why it is important that his ashram should be seized and CBI should arrest both father & son. So tryto understand what writer is trying to say if I am not able to say it correctly in words. In the initial pagesyou will find how asaram ashram is run and how they control the behavior of person to make thempsychotic. Tricks and techniques used by his ashram can only be understood if you try to picture themwith a sadhak inmate who is living in his ashram. Why his son looks like he has good diet but most of theinmates who have been brainwashed will look pale and weak, even though they came from good families.How their health detoriates inside the ashram and they become weak and eventually they die in ashramand their body is never found. Family of these sadhak keeps waiting and wondering about their lovedones but asaram never send them back to their homes.When Tantrik asaram bapu sees a devotee who comes from a wealthy family or a person he can exploitthen he wants to modify his devotee behavior and attitude quickly, that deals with a type of practicalpsychology. The Tantrik asaram bapu devotee must be cut off from all social support, from their socialbackground, from their families, their familiar environment, their friends, their workplace,their schools,and be brought into a new environment, like Delhi person will be taken to Ahmedabad. And then, in orderto be able to manage behavior processing, an absolute control over information is necessary, i.e., controlof mail, telephone calls, radio and television, visitors, etc. Tantrik asaram Bapu carry out indoctrinationthis way gain total control over all possible incoming information. In doing so Tantrik asaram bapu availthemselves of a very subtle process. If, for instance, young people would want to telephone their parentsor call their friends, they throw their coins into the pay telephones, but the devices in this ashram arealways coincidentally broken down. Any access to past ties is therefore completely cut off.Since the people are immediately subjected to an intensive, waking program, they soon suffer from a
sleep deficit, which clouds their critical ability to judge

. On top of that, newcomers are put on aprotein-poor diet, which leads to digestive disorders so that they do not feelwell. They are told, however,that this queasiness is a result of their own evil and satanic existence. Most young people have not beentrained to know that a protein-poor diet leads to these complaints. When someone becomes a vegetarianof his own free will, first he usually gathers information as to how he can obtain a sufficient amount of protein. True vegetarians get enough protein even without meat, fish or poultry and do not suffer fromthese digestive difficulties. So the young people who join Tantrik asaram bapu ashram will be kept onlack of sleep and lack of protein

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  1. Dude....U r dumb as hell....and u probably don't have better things to do in ur life than putting up a lame article this on internet. I am not an uneducated person. I earned my double undergrad in computer science and accounting in USA. I am working in an IT company in Washington DC. And I am preparring to pass CPA exam. I have been following bapuji since I was 10. My life turned around after i got deeksha from him. When I was 7 yrs old I had a an accident because of which I didn't go to school for almost 2 years. The doctor's had left all the hopes of me ever standing up on my legs because my pelvis was fractured from 4 ends. Its all because of almighty Bapuji that my life turned around and I am happy and successful in life. If you need any verification for anything I said- including my accident, education or anything else...please email me on I will send all the proofs. Please do a justice to yourself by not putting such hateful stuff against him. If not, the you should remember that when tou spit up on sky...its gonna come back and fall on your would not be affected !!

    Hari Om !!

  2. Hari om...
    Why are you defameing Bapuji ...Remeber this Country Bharat is only saved because of Sadguru and Saints If this Saints would have not been in Bharat then ..bharat would have become Islamic country..
    Always remeber...Muslim Boys are trying to brain wash Hindu girls and convert them to Islam called Love Jihad. but ...the girls who are folower of Asaram ji Bapuji will never accept islam. Secondly ,muslims are settleing Madarsa and educating children for crime and terror on the other hand bapuji have settled Bal Sanskar kendra to educate children about hindu sanatan dharam...These children when grow up will never fall in trap of "Love Zihad "Our great saints have saved our country Bharat from islamization. You dont have brain to explore the right things please research on the true matters and do analysys on these things.
    Already Assam, Kasmir,Kerla have been effected by Love Zihadis because the young girls or school going children are not aware of Bal Sanskar kendra ...HARI OM>>>

  3. Maximum Folower of Bapuji is against congress. And I think you support congress Sonia madam thats the reason you want to defame Asaramji Bapuji. But Remeber Congress is terror and congres or Nehru Dynasty is the only reason of destruction of Hinduism and Bharat..

  4. Why dont you try to Defame Zakir Naik..He is danger for Bharat Dr.Zakir Naik is not safe for india please write an article on zakir naik.

    Click on the below link to see how this Pig Zakir naik is ....


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