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Monday 16 May 2022



 By Ishita Bagga

Cross-selling is the practice of marketing additional complementary products to the customers. It is more prevalent in the financial sector. Credit cards are also sold to people registering for savings accounts. This is an example of cross-selling.


It is often confused with up selling. Up selling basically means selling an improved version of a product. The buyer has to pay a higher price for the product due to the additional benefits that the improved version offers. It helps to make a sale more profitable for the business and the product more beneficial to the client.

But, there’s a difference between upselling and cross selling. It has been shown by the following example: -


Cross selling examples


  • AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. is cross selling its new book named “The world of Airplanes” with its already existing service, i.e., Counseling for Pilot Training.

  • Mc Donald’s offering fries with burger I another example of Cross selling.

  • An electronics retailer suggesting gadget insurance with a new laptop purchase

  •  eCommerce websites showing “customers also bought”

  • Fashion brand offering accessories with clothes.





  • Recommend related items: This prompts the customers to buy more products that complement with the products already chosen.

  • “Shop the look” technique: The “shop the look” technique involves presenting customers with a high-quality image of a stylish model or environment in an effort to sell extra products.If we go to some fashion outlet and we look for a dress, the salesperson will show us an image of a model wearing the same dress with a pair of shoes and accessories, which will prompt us to buy the whole look. This technique is really successful most of the time.

  • Price bundling technique: In this technique, similar products are bundled and offered at a discount to the customers. For e.g., Different shades of lip gloss bundled together and offered at a discounted price.

  • Add complementary products: Cross selling insurance and warranty services with a purchased product.


 In Cross selling, the business objective is to increase order value and inform customers about additional product options they may not already know about. The key to success is to truly understand what your customers value and then responding with products and corresponding features that truly meet those needs. Therefore, it is a very efficient technique to increase sales and should be practiced by businesses more often.



 Ishita Bagga

 Manager Mktg

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd



By  Ishita Bagga

Almost everyone wants to be remembered in some way or another. Especially for businesses, it is important to be remembered to maintain brand loyalty. One of the ways through which the businesses achieve this target is through the use of taglines. But what exactly is a tagline??

A tagline is a short phrase used in marketing campaigns to convey the value of a brand or its products. It helps in positioning the brand correctly in the minds of the target audience. However, direct information is not conveyed through taglines. They basically appeal to customers on an emotional level and it helps in differentiating the product from other brands. The more you use your tagline, the more it becomes a memorable part of your brand and the more the brand gets recognized among people.



One of the very famous taglines is “Think Different” by Apple. It differentiate the company's products by emphasizing the company's distinctive approach and only two words are used.

Another famous tagline is Mc Donald’s “I'm lovin' it”. It reminded everyone that McDonald's was part of their lives and their culture and that McDonald's overall experience was one of warmth and a real slice of everyday life.


Typically, a business sticks to one tagline for its marketing campaigns, but it may also use many taglines over time to bring something new to the brand or its products and launches new campaigns. For example, The Coca-Cola Company has used many taglines over time for its flagship cola, from its initial tagline of "Drink Coca-Cola" in 1886 to the modern "Together tastes better."


  • Recently, Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola has launched its new tagline – ‘Real Magic’ – as part of its refreshed brand platform. It says “Through our campaigns we want to create more Real Magic – individual moments aligned to people’s passion points, aligned to culture and aligned also to our core, key occasion as a business, which is meals and having a break from work, school, your daily life.”
    These different slogans have not only reflected the brand but the changing times as well. It has positioned the brand very well in the minds of people that Coca cola enjoys individual moments and it is a part of our daily lives and represents the changing times as well.

    Types of Taglines

  • There are majorly 5 types of taglines:

  • Descriptive: Highlights the brands promise. For example, Walmart uses the tagline "Save Money. Live Better." It conveys the brand's promise to deliver low prices on everyday products.

  • Imperative: Imperative taglines demand that consumers take action and usually include a verb. For eg: such as Nike's "Just Do It", Apple’s “Think Different”

  • Provocative: These taglines make a statement that provokes thought.A famous example is "Got Milk?" for the California Milk Processing Board.

  • Specific: This type of tagline highlight's the business sector of a firm. Volkswagen’s tagline, “Drivers Wanted” and Olay’s tagline “Love the skin you are in” are some examples.Superlative: These taglines position a brand as the best in its class. For example, BMW has used the tagline “The ultimate driving machine” in reference to its cars.

  • Superlative: These taglines position a brand as the best in its class. For example, BMW has used the tagline “The ultimate driving machine” in reference to its cars.



Concluding it, I would like to mention some important take aways.

 When creating a tagline, express what you're selling, to whom, and why they should buy it, in a tone and memorable terms that speak to them.

  •  A tagline can leave a great impression on the audiences that companies reach. Being memorable means leaving the audience thinking about a respective company in the most positive of ways. 

  • It covers the essence of the business and makes a lasting impression.

Therefore, it is important to use a tagline for better positioning of the brand and products associated with it.

       Ishita Bagga

       Manager Mktg

      AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd