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Carmona deals with mutual-funds issue

Mutual funds  should adopt goal-based selling Hindu Business Line According to him, the  mutual fund  industry needs to focus on goal-based selling to attract long-term money from retail investors. In an interview with Business Line, he spoke about the untapped potential in the non-metro areas and what the industry  ... See all stories on this topic » Hindu Business Line Mutual fund  reforms to begin today Deccan Herald Investments in  mutual funds  will get simpler and safer, but a bit costlier in some cases, starting on Monday, as the industry is set to implement some wide-ranging reforms by Sebi. Among various reform measures taken by Sebi, the fund houses will have  ... See all stories on this topic » Mutual fund  reforms to begin tomorrow Economic Times NEW DELHI: Investments in  mutual funds  will get simpler and safer-- but a bit costlier in some cases-- starting tomorrow as the industry is set to implement some wide-ranging reforms by market regulator Sebi. Among various

Secrets of Tantrik Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu & Shri Narayan Sai

These are facts which are faced and researched by victims of asaram.Please spread this document to your family and let them judge at least and not fall in trap of asaram. Save your family. Secrets of Asaram Bapu & his son Narayan Sindhi Tricks used by Tantrik asaram bapu to brainwash young people who become his followers This document will explain you why asaram had so many followers, and why there are still some left inhis ashram as his fanatic followers. How asaram manipulates innocent people and recruit them to work inhis ashram as slaves. I am not asking for money and I am not selling this document, this is real life of people who are still left in asarams mindprison called ashram and this is written so you can understandhow asaram ashram functions & this document is only meant to express my feelings and warn you so youcan learn from our experiences from asaram and  may save you and your family from asaram . Pleaseforgive me for any grammatical mistakes

Anxiety General Discussions at DailyStrength: Positive thinking!

How many times have you heard that phrase thrown around? It’s so much a part of our vernacular now that it’s almost become meaningless. We’d all agree that thinking positively is a good thing. Especially when we’re feeling positive. When you’re feeling good, how much trouble is it to think, “Hey, I like me. My life is cool. Things are going great.” But what about when things are crappy? What about those days when you’re so stressed the veins pop out of your forehead? When you hate your job — or you’ve lost it? What about those days when you are sucker-punched by a series of unfortunate events that makes the life of Job look like a garden party? I’ve met people who remain perky during really bad times. And to be honest, they make me want to slap them around a bit. That Pollyanna, “life is still beautiful” attitude when things are falling apart just yanks my chain. However, I’ve come to learn that these people know something I don’t. Here’s the secret that’s not really a secret.

Global aviation summit "World Route" kicks off in Abu Dhabi

Global  aviation  summit "World Route" kicks off in Abu Dhabi Newstrack India Abu Dhabi, Sept. 30 (Xinhua-ANI): The three-day World Route Development Forum, which brings together around 350 air transport leaders and 3,000 delegates from 80 countries, focus on sustainability and consolidation in the  aviation  industry, has begun  ... See all stories on this topic » Air India should be partly privatised, says study Economic Times "Partially privatising Air India would create incentives for the carrier to compete with other airlines, since Air India's private investors would seek to maximise return on their investment," said the Study Report on 'Competitive Framework of Civil  ... See all stories on this topic » ROUTES: Greece looks to  aviation  industry to rescue economy Flightglobal Greece sees  aviation  as key to rescuing itself from its economic predicament, the county's new minister of tourism Olga Kefalogianni says. Speaking at the World Route

Pilot Father and Pilot son perish in Air Plane crash

Nepal  plane crash : UK team joins investigations BBC News Investigations have begun into a  plane crash  in Nepal which killed 19 passengers, including seven Britons. Two members of the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch have arrived in Kathmandu to help the authorities. Reports from Nepal have suggested ... See all stories on this topic » BBC News Father and son perish in  plane crash The Free Lance-Star (blog) Stafford County residents John Morton Jr., 48, and his son, Kyle Morton, 13, died in a Saturday plane crash  near Shannon Airport in Spotsylvania County. They were the only people onboard the single-engine Cessna 150M plane that nose-dived into the  ... See all stories on this topic » Fireworks prompt report of  plane crash Sacramento Bee HARDIN, Ky. -- An explosion in western Kentucky turned out to be the  plane crash  that wasn't. Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars told The Paducah Sun ( ) that a motorist reported possible downed aircraft Saturda

248 Escape Air Mishap in Lagos as Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Pilot turns  aviation  artifacts into private museum Daily Comet Charlie Lindy Hammonds was named after Charles Lindbergh, U.S. Army Air Corps aviator and U.S. Air Mail pilot. Lindbergh's son, Charles Jr., was kidnapped and murdered in 1932. The story struck Hammonds' mom so deeply that she gave her son a short  ... See all stories on this topic » Directorate General of Civil  Aviation  to consider proposal to charge for  ... Times of India MUMBAI: The Directorate General of Civil  Aviation  (DGCA) is considering a proposal sent by airlines to charge passengers for facilities provided on board. Indian carriers had written to the DGCA to allow them to charge for facilities given to passengers. See all stories on this topic » 50 airlines will operate from the Abu Dhabi international airport He said ADAC sees the World Route Development Forum as a unique opportunity to support the local economy and the  aviation  industry as a whole, a