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Sunday 30 September 2012

Carmona deals with mutual-funds issue

Mutual funds should adopt goal-based selling
Hindu Business Line
According to him, the mutual fund industry needs to focus on goal-based selling to attract long-term money from retail investors. In an interview with Business Line, he spoke about the untapped potential in the non-metro areas and what the industry ...
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Hindu Business Line
Mutual fund reforms to begin today
Deccan Herald
Investments in mutual funds will get simpler and safer, but a bit costlier in some cases, starting on Monday, as the industry is set to implement some wide-ranging reforms by Sebi. Among various reform measures taken by Sebi, the fund houses will have ...
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Mutual fund reforms to begin tomorrow
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: Investments in mutual funds will get simpler and safer-- but a bit costlier in some cases-- starting tomorrow as the industry is set to implement some wide-ranging reforms by market regulator Sebi. Among various reform measures taken by Sebi ...
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Carmona deals with mutual-funds issue
Arizona Republic
Richard Carmona, the former U.S. surgeon general who is now running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona, until recently owned mutual funds containing stocks in the tobacco giants Altria Group and Philip Morris International. Carmona's campaign told The ...
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6 reasons to dump a bad mutual fund
BOSTON (MarketWatch) — Janus Capital Group Inc. announced recently that it was killing off Janus Worldwide — once one of the biggest, most respected funds in the industry — and merging it with a smaller sister fund. So what took so long? Click to ...
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WTF Are ETFs & ETNs?
About - News & Issues
Sorry. I couldn't resist the play on acronyms. If you know what all three in my post title mean, you are highly informed of both modern communication and investing. But, before I digress, what do you need to know about ETFs and ETNs?An Exchange-Traded ...
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Emerging fund sector still has a long way to go
Financial Times
Rising prosperity in emerging markets was expected to create a tipping point for the mutual fundsindustry. “But economic growth does not guarantee a thriving fund industry,” cautions Neeraj Sahai, global head of securities & fund services at Citi.
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US middle class could be financially unprepared for retirement: Economists
Economic Times
Those who missed much of the rally did so because they reduced equity exposure after the benchmark S&P 500 index plummeted 57 per cent between late 2007 and March 2009, according to an analysis by Reuters of mutual fund flows and changes in ...
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Sold in May? Wish that could go away
Every major U.S. stock mutual-fund category logged strong third-quarter gains, with some rising double digits.Yet the obstacles Wall Street hurdled still block investors' path, writes Rachel Koning-Beals. See full story. Market rally lands U.S. stock ...
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Secrets of Tantrik Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu & Shri Narayan Sai

These are facts which are faced and researched by victims of asaram.Please spread this document to your family and let them judge at least and not fall in trap of asaram. Save your family.

Secrets of Asaram Bapu & his son Narayan Sindhi
Tricks used by Tantrik asaram bapu to brainwash young people who become his followers
This document will explain you why asaram had so many followers, and why there are still some left inhis ashram as his fanatic followers. How asaram manipulates innocent people and recruit them to work inhis ashram as slaves. I am not asking for money and I am not selling this document, this is real life of people who are still left in asarams mindprison called ashram and this is written so you can understandhow asaram ashram functions & this document is only meant to express my feelings and warn you so youcan learn from our experiences from asaram and
 may save you and your family from asaram

. Pleaseforgive me for any grammatical mistakes as I am not a writer we are team of ex asaram followers whohave ruined their live in the illusion of asaram. Every line & word written in this document is true & veryimportant and it may save you & your family
life. If you feel something you didn’t understood and thatcan’t be happening then reread this document and try to talk to his ashram inmates or visit them
personally and you will know the real facts, and will agree with me that how dangerous asaram cultis,and why it is important that his ashram should be seized and CBI should arrest both father & son. So tryto understand what writer is trying to say if I am not able to say it correctly in words. In the initial pagesyou will find how asaram ashram is run and how they control the behavior of person to make thempsychotic. Tricks and techniques used by his ashram can only be understood if you try to picture themwith a sadhak inmate who is living in his ashram. Why his son looks like he has good diet but most of theinmates who have been brainwashed will look pale and weak, even though they came from good families.How their health detoriates inside the ashram and they become weak and eventually they die in ashramand their body is never found. Family of these sadhak keeps waiting and wondering about their lovedones but asaram never send them back to their homes.When Tantrik asaram bapu sees a devotee who comes from a wealthy family or a person he can exploitthen he wants to modify his devotee behavior and attitude quickly, that deals with a type of practicalpsychology. The Tantrik asaram bapu devotee must be cut off from all social support, from their socialbackground, from their families, their familiar environment, their friends, their workplace,their schools,and be brought into a new environment, like Delhi person will be taken to Ahmedabad. And then, in orderto be able to manage behavior processing, an absolute control over information is necessary, i.e., controlof mail, telephone calls, radio and television, visitors, etc. Tantrik asaram Bapu carry out indoctrinationthis way gain total control over all possible incoming information. In doing so Tantrik asaram bapu availthemselves of a very subtle process. If, for instance, young people would want to telephone their parentsor call their friends, they throw their coins into the pay telephones, but the devices in this ashram arealways coincidentally broken down. Any access to past ties is therefore completely cut off.Since the people are immediately subjected to an intensive, waking program, they soon suffer from a
sleep deficit, which clouds their critical ability to judge

. On top of that, newcomers are put on aprotein-poor diet, which leads to digestive disorders so that they do not feelwell. They are told, however,that this queasiness is a result of their own evil and satanic existence. Most young people have not beentrained to know that a protein-poor diet leads to these complaints. When someone becomes a vegetarianof his own free will, first he usually gathers information as to how he can obtain a sufficient amount of protein. True vegetarians get enough protein even without meat, fish or poultry and do not suffer fromthese digestive difficulties. So the young people who join Tantrik asaram bapu ashram will be kept onlack of sleep and lack of protein

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Anxiety General Discussions at DailyStrength: Positive thinking!

How many times have you heard that phrase thrown around? It’s so much a part of our vernacular now that it’s almost become meaningless. We’d all agree that thinking positively is a good thing. Especially when we’re feeling positive. When you’re feeling good, how much trouble is it to think, “Hey, I like me. My life is cool. Things are going great.”

But what about when things are crappy? What about those days when you’re so stressed the veins pop out of your forehead? When you hate your job — or you’ve lost it? What about those days when you are sucker-punched by a series of unfortunate events that makes the life of Job look like a garden party?

I’ve met people who remain perky during really bad times. And to be honest, they make me want to slap them around a bit. That Pollyanna, “life is still beautiful” attitude when things are falling apart just yanks my chain. However, I’ve come to learn that these people know something I don’t.

Here’s the secret that’s not really a secret. It’s revolutionary, exciting science.
Positive thinking really does change your brain. Not in some magical, woo woo kind of way, but in a real physical way.

The science is called neuroplasticity. It means that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains. The idea was first introduced by William James in 1890, but it was soundly rejected by scientists who uniformly believed the brain is rigidly mapped out, with certain parts of the brain controlling certain functions. If that part is dead or damaged, the function is altered or lost. Well, it appears they were wrong.
Neuroplasticity now enjoys wide acceptance as scientists are proving the brain is endlessly adaptable and dynamic.

It has the power to change its own structure, even for those with the severe neurological afflictions. People with problems like strokes, cerebral palsy, and mental illness can train other areas of their brains through repetitive mental and physical activities. It is completely life-altering.

So what does this have to do with positive thinking and with you?
It means that repetitive positive thought and positive activity can rewire your brain and strengthen brain areas that stimulate positive feelings.

In his widely-acclaimed book, The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science, Norman Doidge M.D. states plainly that the brain has the capacity to rewire itself and/or form new neural pathways — if we do the work. Just like exercise, the work requires repetition and activity to reinforce new learning.
Here are some actions you can take to change your own brain during the bad times.
Fear of failure.

Everyone fears doing something new because we don’t wait to fail. The truth is, we can do most anything if we take action, stop negative thinking, and shift our perceptions of the truth about our abilities.

Action steps: Force yourself to stop thinking about reasons you can’t do something, even if you don’t feel brave or capable. Every time a negative thought creeps in, retrain your brain to think a positive thought about your abilities instead. Then take small actions every day toward achieving your goal or desired change.  Nike’s slogan, “Just do it,” has real validity.

Have you ever found yourself trapped in obsessive over-thinking about a problem or in a state of anxiety or worry that lasts for days or even weeks? It drains your energy, affects your sleep, and spirals your mood and outlook on life. Focusing on your problem only strengthens the worry function in your brain.

Action steps: When you find yourself in that cycle of worry or compulsive thinking, remember the three R’s — rename, re-frame, and redirect. When the worry begins, mentally yell “Stop!” Rename the issue by reminding yourself that worry isn’t real. Rename it as a compulsive reaction, not reality. Re-frame your thinking by focusing on positive or distracting thoughts, even if you still feel anxious. Force yourself to think different thoughts. Redirect your actions. Go do something uplifting, fun or mentally engaging. The key is following these steps repeatedly, every time you worry obsessively, to break the pattern and rewire your brain.
Mood Disorders/Phobias

Sometimes we might feel blue or out-of-sorts, and it’s just a temporary fog that settles in and lifts after a few days. Some mood disorders, like depression or serious anxieties that morph into phobias, can be debilitating and unrelenting. Psychologists and therapists have used treatments based on neuroplasticity to get to the cognitive root of these disorders and put a patient’s life back on track.

Action steps: A serious mood disorder or phobia requires the help of a trained counselor. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of treatment that helps people learn how to identify and change destructive thought patterns that have a negative influence on behavior and feelings. If you suffer from severe anxiety or depression, you need someone skilled to help you get to the root of these thoughts and to show you how to change them. Ask them about CBT.
Scientists are now looking at neuroplasticity to approach a wide variety of cognitive problems and disorders including:

Loss of senses — vision, balance and hearing
Learning disorders and reading problems
Auditory processing problems
Autism and hypersensitivity
The aging brain and memory
Issues related to love and sex
Stroke and brain injury recovery
Cerebral palsy
Chronic pain
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Psychological trauma
Depression and anxiety

Shekhar Gupta
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Global aviation summit "World Route" kicks off in Abu Dhabi

Global aviation summit "World Route" kicks off in Abu Dhabi
Newstrack India
Abu Dhabi, Sept. 30 (Xinhua-ANI): The three-day World Route Development Forum, which brings together around 350 air transport leaders and 3,000 delegates from 80 countries, focus on sustainability and consolidation in the aviation industry, has begun ...
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Air India should be partly privatised, says study
Economic Times
"Partially privatising Air India would create incentives for the carrier to compete with other airlines, since Air India's private investors would seek to maximise return on their investment," said the Study Report on 'Competitive Framework of Civil ...
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ROUTES: Greece looks to aviation industry to rescue economy
Greece sees aviation as key to rescuing itself from its economic predicament, the county's new minister of tourism Olga Kefalogianni says. Speaking at the World Route Development Strategy Summit about the potential of the aviation industry to drive ...
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Pilot Father and Pilot son perish in Air Plane crash

Nepal plane crash: UK team joins investigations
BBC News
Investigations have begun into a plane crash in Nepal which killed 19 passengers, including seven Britons. Two members of the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch have arrived in Kathmandu to help the authorities. Reports from Nepal have suggested...
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BBC News
Father and son perish in plane crash
The Free Lance-Star (blog)
Stafford County residents John Morton Jr., 48, and his son, Kyle Morton, 13, died in a Saturdayplane crash near Shannon Airport in Spotsylvania County. They were the only people onboard the single-engine Cessna 150M plane that nose-dived into the ...
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Fireworks prompt report of plane crash
Sacramento Bee
HARDIN, Ky. -- An explosion in western Kentucky turned out to be the plane crash that wasn't. Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars told The Paducah Sun ( that a motorist reported possible downed aircraft Saturday night near Hardin in ...
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Mount Everest plane crash leaves 19 dead in Nepal
Mount Everest plane crash leaves 19 dead in Nepal. September 30, 2012 11:45 AM EDT. A Mount Everest plane crash in Nepal left 19 passengers and crew members dead Friday moments after takeoff. Authorities suspect the plane suffered a bird-strike, ...
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Pilot tells story of harrowing plane crash
Houston Chronicle
"What are we going to do - freak out and let the airplane crash and burn to death, or lock up stone-faced? You don't have a lot of choice," the 27-year-old Wright told the Chronicle in an interview. With him was Raymond Fosdick, 36, whom Wright was ...
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2 dead in small plane crash in Fredericksburg, Va.
(AP) -- Police say a father and his son have died in the weekend crash of a single-engine plane in Virginia's Spotsylvania County. Virginia State Police say the Cessna 150M had just taken off from Shannon Airport on Saturday evening when it plummeted ...
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Responders get training in mock plane crash
LaSalle News Tribune
A mock plane crash Saturday at Peru airport gave nearly 100 emergency responders and three area hospitals some training on a serious medical emergency. At 8:06 a.m. responders received a call of a plane crash and went to the airport. A bus from ...
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Small plane crashes in Rowan County
ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. -- Authorities remain on the scene of a deadly plane crash in Rowan County. Officials say the plane crashed on Old Stone House Road in the area of Troutman Street in Salisbury just outside of Granite Quarry. According to officials ...
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Stratfor probed 2010 plane crash conspiracies: leaks
The Daily Star
BEIRUT: Sources speaking to Stratfor intelligence business suggested causes other than the official explanation of pilot error in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 409 in 2010 off the coast of Lebanon, emails released by WikiLeaks show. The ...
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The Daily Star
Pilot fakes plane crash for wedding proposal - video
Digital Spy
Pilot fakes plane crash for wedding proposal - video. Published Sunday, Sep 30 2012, 2:15pm EDT | By Tom Eames | 1 comment. Recommend 11. Tweet 9 · Tweet. 0. Submit · Email this story. A pilot has come up with a unique way of proposing to his ...
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248 Escape Air Mishap in Lagos as Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Pilot turns aviation artifacts into private museum
Daily Comet
Charlie Lindy Hammonds was named after Charles Lindbergh, U.S. Army Air Corps aviator and U.S. Air Mail pilot. Lindbergh's son, Charles Jr., was kidnapped and murdered in 1932. The story struck Hammonds' mom so deeply that she gave her son a short ...
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Directorate General of Civil Aviation to consider proposal to charge for ...
Times of India
MUMBAI: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is considering a proposal sent by airlines to charge passengers for facilities provided on board. Indian carriers had written to the DGCA to allow them to charge for facilities given to passengers.
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50 airlines will operate from the Abu Dhabi international airport
He said ADAC sees the World Route Development Forum as a unique opportunity to support the local economy and the aviation industry as a whole, and “looks forward to seeing other airports and airlines develop new partnerships with us here in Abu Dhabi.
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North State Aviation taking off with new United contract
Winston-Salem Journal
"Even though as a company we're new, the customers we're serving, they know we've done this before successfully and effectively," said Charlie Creech, NS Aviation's president. "The contract with United not only shows their confidence in our work, but ...
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Airport hears plans for aviation museum
Retired Northwest Airlines captain Steve Van Kirk and his brother Malcolm Van Kirk provided the Potomac Highlands Airport Authority with a presentation on a proposed aviation heritage museum during its monthly meeting Thursday. "We would like you to ...
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248 Escape Air Mishap in Lagos as Plane Makes Emergency Landing
There was tension in the aviation industry Saturday amid speculation that there was an incident involving a Qatar Airways Airbus 332 with 284 passengers onboard on its way to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos from Doha, Quatar.
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Etihad open to more stake buys
Abu Dhabi: Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier which has been on a recent acquisition spree, is eyeing further investments if the right opportunity arises, its chief executive said on Sunday, adding 2012 revenue could top $5 billion (Dh18 ...
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Indian aviation eyes Gulf windfall after FDI ruling
Backed by robust economic growth, its huge geographical expanses and a population that tops well over a billion both at home and abroad, the sky should be the limit for India's civil aviation sector. This could not be further from reality, with many of ...
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Asia's budget airline boom bypasses China
Chicago Daily Herald
China's domestic market is one of the biggest prizes in Asia's travel industry, with 264 million passengers last year, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of China, which forecasts the number will grow about six-fold by 2030. “The domestic market ...
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Linda Armyn elected Cradle of Aviation Museum board president
Newsday (blog)
Bethpage Federal Credit Union executive Linda Armyn has been elected board president at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Armyn, the credit union's senior vice president of corporate strategy, has served since 2004 on the board of the Garden City museum.
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Shekhar Gupta
Capt. Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot, DIAM, M.Ae.S.I., MAOPA [USA] ] 
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    Best PHILIPPINES, Flight Schools, Pilot Training, Pilots, Flight Schools, Aircrew, Flight Training, Job Postings, Pilot Job Postings, Aviation, Aviation News, Pilot ...
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