Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nasdaq strikes cloud deal with Amazon to cut clients' data costs

 Nasdaq OMX on Tuesday launched a cloud computing platform built by Amazon Web Services which it said would allow its trading clients to cut the cost of storing financial data.

The system, FinQloud, is a response to regulators' growing demands that companies provide more granular data on their trading activities.

Policymakers in the United States and Europe want banks and brokers to provide them with more detailed information on their day-to-day operations to help authorities spot illicit or risky trading patterns.

The world's largest banks and brokers have historically used specialist in-house systems for data storage, citing security concerns about external platforms.

Nasdaq and AWS, which have struck a partnership deal to offer the system to the exchange group's client's, said cloud computing offered a cheaper route to regulatory compliance.

AWS said all connections to FinQloud would pass through a rigorous encryption system so the platform met the strict security requirements of regulators.

"Storing and retrieving data can be done quickly, easily and inexpensively (with FinQloud)," said Andy Jassy, AWS senior vice president.

Investment banks are looking to share administrative and back office services to offset the twin pressures of falling revenues and increasing regulatory compliance costs.

Cloud Computing: Friend or Foe of Kyotoism?
Global Warming (blog)
As I sit here typing away, Amazon.Com's Cloud Player serves up 320 tunes I've purchased over the past year and a half. I can play them anywhere, any time, on any computer with Internet access. I don't have to lug around my laptop or even a flash drive.
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Global Warming (blog)
Cloud Computing Looms over Technology Hiring Demand
In August, more than 10,000 jobs were advertised online for technology positions that need experience and knowledge of cloud computing in the United States, according to WANTED Analytics™ (http://www.wantedanalytics.com), the leading source of ...
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Nasdaq strikes cloud deal with Amazon to cut clients' data costs
LONDON (Reuters) - Nasdaq OMX on Tuesday launched a cloud computing platform built by Amazon Web Services which it said would allow its trading clients to cut the cost of storing financial data. The system, FinQloud, is a response to regulators ...
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Mythics Consulting Joins HP on US Army Contract for Enterprise Cloud ...
IT News Online
APC2 is a $249M indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract (IDIQ) available to all U.S. federal agencies and military services for the acquisition of enterprise private cloud computing services. The new initiative will allow the military to ...
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European Cloud Computing Strategy to call for standardisation
The European Cloud Computing Strategy, due to be announced on September 28, will seek to cut through the current jungle of standards in the European Union. The plans, put forward by the European Commission, will also try to establish guidelines for ...
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Which Cloud Model is Right for Your Company?
Data Center Knowledge
Cloud computing can mean many different things depending on whom you speak with and what their experience has been thus far with the cloud. I think we would all agree about the significance cloud computing plays and that it will continue to positively ...
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Cloud Computing: Transformative, Disruptive, and a Smart Way to Do Business
We may go out of our way to place too much pressure on one piece of technology—such as telematics—to lead the industry into the promised land, but despite the hype it's hard to argue that the use of cloud computing is going to have a powerful effect ...
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IT industry in vital need of cloud computing security standards
The lack of industry-wide security standards is slowing business adoption of cloud services, according to cloud computing firm Mimecast. Speaking at the V3 Security Summit, Mimecast chief scientist Nathaniel Borenstein said often businesses will not ...
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New Article: The Dark-Side of Cloud Computing
The article is aimed at small business owners who are considering moving their computer networks to the “cloud.” It is entitled: The Dark Side of Cloud Computing-Five Issues to Address Before Moving Your Company to the Cloud. “Cloud-based IT solutions ...
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