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Yahoo’s New CEO Marissa Mayer Has A Fortune To Share

The Monday announcement of the new CEO joining for Yahoo had another announcement  to accompany. The new chief executive officer of the company, Marissa Mayer  announced the good news of her pregnancy with a boy child to be born on Oct 7 this year. Mayer reported to the Fortune reporter through an interview for a couple of hours. 
She said that her son was quite mobile just as his parents, and more like his mother who recently switched from Google to Yahoo.

Mayer is 37 now, and had started her career as Google’s 20th employee. She had the responsibilities of maintaining the Google Maps and Google Earth technologies. Other than this, she was the leader in the Zagat project for the year 2011. She headed Google as vice-president for 13 years and was the first lady employee for Google.

Mayer’s first computer had been bought only at college. She started with being a paediatric neurosurgeon and then ended up with completing her academics with a huge mix of subjects like symbolic systems, phil…

Dream require effortless sleep where as Aim require Sleepless Efforts,

There is only difference between Dream & Aim,  Dream require effortless sleep where  as Aim require Sleepless Efforts,  Sleep for Dreams & wake up with Aims!!! 

Pilots of Kingfisher Airlines Ltd would approach the Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to pay them their pending salary

Pilots of Kingfisher Airlines Ltd said on Thursday that they would approach the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to intervene if management doesn’t pay them their pending salary for May by the end of this month. The grounded airline hasn’t paid the May salary to half its employees.
In a letter to chief executive officer Sanjay Aggarwal, pilots recalled that they had been promised that they would be paid their May salary before Diwali, which fell on 13 November.
“However, most of us are still waiting for the same in-spite of two weeks having past beyond the promised deadline,” said the letter,

“It may be appreciated that it is becoming extremely difficult to survive in this environment of uncertainty, which may further erode the confidence/trust in the management. This can be avoided by immediately crediting the May salary by 30th November 2012 failing which we will be left with no choice but to approach regulatory authority, media or take any other nec…

3 Indian Institute of Management IIM-Indore students Expelled for Taking Drugs

Three students of the post graduate programme of management at Indian Institute of Management in Indore have been expelled after they were allegedly caught taking drugs.
On Wednesday, the hostel staff had spotted the second year MBA students consuming narcotics and informed the

faculty incharge of the hostel professor Siddharth Rastogi.

Rastogi immediately reached the hostel premises in the campus at Prabandha Shikhar Rau and caught them red handed. This is the second case in a year of such kind.

In February two students from Integrated Programme in Management and PGP were also found taking drugs. They were rusticated first but were later pardoned and allowed to complete their courses.

In the recent case a preliminary inquiry was conducted by the officers at the hostel on Wednesday after which a detailed investigation was done by the disciplinary committee at the institute.

“The committee found the student guilty of the offence and submitted the report to the director. The students t…

Pilot dies in Texas plane crash : Cessna 421

Pilot dies in Texas plane crash, alone on board WELLS, Texas (AP) - Officials say the pilot of a twin-engine plane died in a fiery East Texas crash during a flight from Houston to Oklahoma. Department of Public Safety Trooper David Hendry said Tuesday the pilot, whose name wasn't immediately released, was alone on board. The Federal Aviation Administration says searchers found the Cessna 421 wreckage Monday night in a field near Wells, about 140 miles northeast of Houston. The plane was en route from West Houston Airport to Tulsa Riverside Airport when contact was lost around 9:30 p.m. Monday amid possible bad weather. A National Transportation Safety Board spokesman says their investigators arrived Tuesday.

Authorities confirm Traer man killed in small plane crash
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
11 a.m. - TRAER, Iowa --- A plane crash that killed a Traer pilot and injured his passenger occurred when the craft struck utility line, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. …

Global Recession Warning from OECD

Protesters march through Dublin ahead of Ireland's sixth straight austerity budget. Photo / AP
The global economy could slide back into recession if its major problems like US budget standoffs and Europe's lack of jobs are left to fester, a leading international economic body said yesterday.

In its half-yearly update, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned that the recovery will be "hesitant and uneven" over the coming two years and that a new major contraction cannot be ruled out.

"The world economy is far from being out of the woods," OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurra said. "Governments must act decisively, using all the tools at their disposal to turn confidence around and boost growth and jobs in the United States, Europe and elsewhere."

Gurria's downbeat assessment came as the OECD published a glum set of predictions. Though the world economy is expected to grow by 3.4 per cent next year, up from 2.9 per cent t…

The Economics of the Cloud Computing in action

27 November: Google is expanding its infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing platform into Europe and cutting the price of its cloud-based storage by 20%. From December 1 the price for up to 1TB of storage will be reduced by $0.025 per month to $0.095. This is $0.025 cheaper than Amazon's equivalent S3 storage cloud.

29 November: In response to Google's announcement, Amazon is cutting S3 pricing by about 25% across the board, effective from 1 December. Customers will be able to store data in the cloud for about $0.09 per gigabyte.

28 November: Windows users can expect a 15% increase in the cost of licensing key Microsoft products as the software giant raises its prices. From December 1, Microsoft will increase the price of per-user licensing of several products including Exchange, Lync, Windows Server and Terminal Services.

Here we have the co-existence of two eras of information technology - the question it poses is how long can that co-existence continue?

The commoditis…