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Android App Development Internship

Android Training Apps Android App Development Internship Learn App development by our internship,you can build cloud connected apps with this you make your apps  responsive and integrate rich-media to the apps.Interns can learn apps and learn to upload the app in just  72hrs,this is the efficiency we provide in our App development program.We believe in Speed,Consistency and  Relevancy. Our indispensable Skill is how to build an android app with our monthly active devices. Also you will  be eligible for Training Certificate + 6 Months Experience Letter Duration Of Internship You can learn how to build and deploy mobile and desktop applications with our organization. There are monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly and two year courses for this training. Monthly Training Programe   ( 18 - 20 Days Working ) Fees :  5000/- Course : Introduction To Mobile Apps In App Development Overview, Mobile Apps are developed for a certain Platform, and the mo

Are you a Female and a Born Writer

Are you a Female and a Born Writer ?  Are you looking for the best platform to showcase your talent ? Do You wana See your own Book Available on Amazon ?  Here are we giving your the greatest opportunity ever of writings your Innova and new pieces on different fields that we are going to publish soon compiling all in a book. The best thing about us is we just want your Dreams of seeing your article published in a book fulfilled and hence need to worry about the grammatical errors,correct English, etc but yes we will definitely check plagiarism and hence please try just to give us 100% fresh and plagarism free write ups.  You can write on any of the the following topics or Otherwise. On  1. Aviation  2. Mystery Shopping  3. Health 4. Guide 5. Fiction 6. Motivation 7. Action and Adventure 8. Management [ IIM and MBA Students ]  9. Journals 10. Self Help 11. Art 12. Fantasy 13. Biographies 14. Drama 15. Cook