Monday, 24 September 2012

Oracle targets raised on Cloud push, new products

Several brokerages raised their stock price targets for Oracle Corp, saying the company is set to see higher growth from its cloud computing services and newer database software products, offsetting declines in hardware sales.

The world's No.3 software maker has been struggling to turn around its Sun computer division amid tight technology budgets and on Thursday said hardware sales dropped 24 percent from a year ago

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What role does open source play in cloud computing innovation?
Finally, collaboration between technology providers and users is a huge advantage in the open source arena. As technology spin-off of the flagship European Union project incloud computing, OpenNebula works with the main EU-funded cloud research and ...
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Oracle targets raised on cloud push, new products
Times of India
Several brokerages raised their stock price targets for Oracle Corp, saying the company is set to see higher growth from its cloud computing services and newer database software products, offsetting declines in hardware sales. The world's No.3 software ...
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HP's Whitman said planning cloud-to-tablet push
In its drive to help customers building out data centres to handle cloud computing, Hewlett-Packard is developing a system that combines server computers, data storage and networking components in the same device, the people said. It will run Intel ...
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An Economical Private Cloud with IGEL and 2X
IGEL Technology today announced a technology partnership with 2x, an international provider ofcloud computing software. The first solution employs IGEL thin clients and 2X ApplicationServer XG software to create a particularly economical, secure and ...
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Bringing Air Traffic Management into the Cloud
Scientific Computing
General Electric Company has embarked on an 18-month project with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to help bring NextGen air traffic management (ATM) technology into “The Cloud.” Cloud computing will enable airlines and air ...
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Scientific Computing
Content marketing can help cloud vendors educate users
AYTM Market Research recently reported that consumers use cloud computing every day, but many don't realize it. For companies offering cloud services, whether B2C or B2B, content marketing offers a strong chance to educate their target audiences and ...
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Balancing Oracle and open source at Orbitz
Orbitz has transitioned a major system off of Oracle's Coherence database and onto the NoSQL Couchbase Server, but the database giant still has a significant footprint in Orbitz's data centers. It's all part of being a big company trying to roll with ...
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GigaOM Analytics Can No Longer Be a Dream
Information Management (blog)
Salesforce has helped revolutionize cloud computing for business, and its social media and collaborative technologies help advance business processes in sales, customer service and improve the interactions between employees, partners and customers.
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CIOs have warmed up to the cloud
IT department leaders are finally starting to warm up to cloud computing services, according to a recent report. The Qumu study found that 44.4 percent of CIOs are going to start moving into cloud based services within the next year, with 33.4 percent ...
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Report: SMBs are migrating to tablets, but some biz owners don't understand ...
“We believe the long term trend towards cloud computing and small business using tablets and smartphones has started,” said Barry Sloane, CEO of The Small Business Authority, which is part of Newtek Business Services. “We believe mobile computing and ...
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