Thursday, 13 September 2012

IT shops embrace workload automation tools for cloud computing

IT shops embrace workload automation tools for cloud computing
So, I'm going to be able to provision my servers automatically, provision my blades automatically, get my network resources set up.... And at that point, [companies] usually make the jump to the cloud. Many cloud providers have standardized a lot of ...
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London's Tech City to get high-speed Internet and secure cloud services for ...
The Next Web
This means that not only businesses working in technology be able to use the toolsthey need to create and grow business, but also elements such as office space to rent and of course places to live need to be accessibly-priced to encourage a stable ...
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Avoid moving from a dumb pipe to a dumb cloud
IDG News Service
With these new tools, the cloud provides a significant opportunity for small and midsize organizations with data centers less than 1,000 square feet by collapsing their servers and storage into the cloud. The new network to the cloud will change their ...
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