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Real Estate

Real Estate  Real Estate is the Biggest and the Most Important Shopping Product, both for the Buyer and the Seller. Real Estate Market in India has seen many ups and downs since many Years. There is a feeling that the Markets may go down further by 20% - 30% in next few Years. But its not all and there is a lot which is Positive about the Sector too in India. Let us try to find out some Optimistic facts about the Industry in India: a) Since last Two Decades, there has been a commendableGrowth in Real Estate and Infrastructure Field in India. From Homes to Apartments, Roads to Highways, Offices to Malls, the Growth is just unprecedented. This shows that even though the Graph may be down for a while, there is no need to despair in the long run.  b) The Real Estate Growth Story has been attributed to few Factors like the Increasing Purchasing Power, High Per Capita Incomes, favourable Demographics, Customer-friendly Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), favourable Refo