Friday, 28 September 2012

I think to myself - Positive roll models, religious beliefs, and or positive thinking in general plays a big roll for most successful people.

Keeping it real....

A life thread of sorts in the lounge I guess. Hope this thread hits home for some and does not bomb.. What ever...

Thinking tonight in my mind what is the difference between a man that is successful and a man that fails in life?  

I think to myself - Positive roll models, religious beliefs, and or positive thinking in general plays a big roll for most successful people.. Life tragedies can change a man in a good or bad way or just ground you and make you humble... Mom influence especially is important if she is strong and gives you self confidence to carry on, pops too.... Etc...

I also think insecurities and the basic fear of rejection holds most people back from achieving certain dreams and goals that they really want to achieve in life.. Also trying to measure up to others and coming up short can jack us up too.

I think you gotta ask yourself are you scared of rejection? Most are so don't worry.. As crazy as this sounds the best looking girls I ever dated in life just happen to be the most insecure. Best looking dudes that got all the girls in school ended up being bums.. Why is that?

Do you have a crippling fear to speak to that girl you really like and eventually let life and that girl pass you bye? Kinda sad right? It happens.. Do you get a sick feeling about not living up to your parents and or piers expectations?.. If so I think you are not the only ones.. Everyone likes to be liked and excepted so it's understandable... No worries, life and it's rejections are normal so just keep trying and don't give up!!!

So I think how do we all over come our personal fears and demons in life that hold us back? Your thoughts people and what works?

I'd personally like to think rejection is a part of life no matter what we try and do so it should not matter and should be expected!!!.. Then I think no one likes being rejected, but if you can think in your mind with every "no" you get that much closer to a "yes" then you are doing well and on the right path.. Numbers game in other words for love interests, business and or just about anything else worth trying for in this life.. Nothing comes easy or without effort too in most cases and you should know this... Not everyone hit's the lotto that easily...

Question now is - Will you get discouraged with too many rejections and or give up the good fight before you get that one "yes" you are looking for? Will you throw up the white flag easily and give up trying and settle just because some idiot shut you down? Or group of idiots shut you down?

Personally speaking - I got shot down alot growing up, but I have always tried reading books of inspiration and tried to force and gather positive thoughts. I wrote positive notes and life goals and pasted them to my fridge to make sure I read then everyday and was reminded.. This forced me to wake up every morning and read because I had to eat breakfast and open that fridge...

Not sure if that method worked for me but it sure helped keep my belief of hope, and faith alive and reminded me daily of what I really wanted to achieve in life.. I had a cup holder for toothbrush that said "Believe" on it too that I just love today.. Had that and stared at it for 25 years..

Anyways, how do you stay motivated, fearless, and courageous in life?

Share please as I just tried too..

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