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Project for : Indian Institute of Management Indore

Project for :  Indian Institute of Management Indore  You are a  Business Development Manager cum Aviation Link Builder for following  Aviation KPO Project  Please visit : plans.html After visiting the Blog link, Please Explain following [1] Who is an Aviation Link Builder ? [2] What is Aviation SMM and SEO Booking ?  [3] Who all are our Aviation Business Clients here ?  [4] How You can Develope and implement Aviation Link Building  Campaigns ?  [5] Can you Evaluate Target Aviation Markets and proposed marketing Strategies ?  [6] Can you Explain SEO Team’s Daily or  Weekly Production ?  [7] Can you Generated Aviation Leads, initiated and Closed Sales. Explain how ?  [8] How can you establish and Improved Client Communications ?  [9]  How can you  make Effective E-mail Marketing ?  Give Example  [10] How can you do Social Media Optimisation using tools like Fac