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The Principal in Japan, sent a letter to the Parents Before the Examination

जापान  में परीक्षा से पहले प्रिंसिपल ने बच्चों के पैरेंट्स को एक लेटर भेजा जिसका English / हिन्दी अनुवाद इस प्रकार है :- The Principal in Japan,  sent a letter to the Parents Before the Examination  Before the examination in Japan, the principal sent a letter to the parents of the children whose English  / Hindi translation is as follows: - "Dear Parents,  I know you are very anxious that your son should do well in the examination, But keep in mind that these children who are giving the exam, there are also future good artists who do not need to understand maths at all, Representatives of big companies are also sitting in it, who do not need to understand English literature and history. Among these children, there are great musicians of the future, in whose eyes low marks in Chemistry do not matter. All this will have no effect on their future. Among these children, there are also future athletes, in whose view their fitness is more important than their marks. So if your child get
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We need to Come Together as a Nation

We need to Come Together as a Nation 😃 हमें एक राष्ट्र के रूप में एक साथ आने की जरूरत है 😃 We need to come together as a nation 😃 Amazon reported a 40% drop and laid off 10% of employees. Google dropped 50% and laid off 15% of its employees. Adani Enterprises registered a 70% decline, yet not a single employee lost his job. Gautam Adaniji has done a respectable job as a person. There are ups and downs in business. You have made the country proud, the countrymen have faith in you, you will again give India a special place in the world soon. You will again come forward in the list of rich people. There is a need to move forward by creating patience and winning the trust of the people. Gold becomes more shiny by burning in the fire. While the garbage is burnt to ashes. Conspiracies will also be exposed. These are my own views that there are anti-national forces everywhere who are not able to tolerate the growing popularity and supremacy of India, but I am sure that India's progres

Five points that make content writers worthful-

Five points that make content writers worthful- 1. Action-taking content 2. It should be clear and concise. 3. Problem-solving 4. Meaningful 5. Content that your target audience can understand. Himanshi Agrawal An Engineer turned into Content Writer | Content Creator | Seo Analyst | Poet | Social Media Marketer | Author & Editor | E-book is coming soon...... Talks about ##branding, ##freelancing, ##businessgrowth, ##contentwriting, and ##contentmarketing #linkedin #content #contentwriters #bussiness #solutions #freelancecontentwriter

If everyone is defining a Problem or Solving it one way

If everyone is defining  a Problem or Solving it  one way  and the Results are  Sub-Par  this is the time  to think and ask  if  I did the Opposite! Artee Anshu   "A Woman of Substance"  A Mother,  a Banker and Impact Creator in Making A Banker who striving to create mammoth Impact in Lending Space !

Massive Layoff in IT Many IT Employees have been Stacked #Amazon, #Alphabet #Google, #Meta #Microsoft #Spotify

Massive Layoff  in IT  Many IT Employees have been Stacked   #Amazon,  #Alphabet #Google,  #Meta #Microsoft   #Spotify With Massive Layoff where tentatively 2 Lakh IT Employees have been Stacked in just 3 Months Big names like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon leading the trend This  phenomenon is really creating unrest and anxiety among many others as ripple effect ! But it is something unavoidable balancing act by founders and management who have their own rational for keeping the bottom line in green  But how as a employee we could skip this or be prepared for this worst situation 1) Emergency fund : we need to have minimum 12 months of expenses as saving as this will provide us cushion to absorb our anxiety in short run and could give  space for clear thought process 2) Upgrading ourselves: Upgrading the learning curve should not go into normal procrastination , it should always be in our priority list  3) Understand your strength: Understanding our strength well as well build

A mouse used to live in a butcher's house by making a hole.

  एक *चूहा* एक कसाई के घर में बिल बना कर रहता था। A mouse used to live in a butcher's house by making a hole. One day the mouse saw the butcher and his wife taking something out of a bag. The mouse thought that there might be some food. On looking curiously, he found that it was a *mousetrap*. Sensing the danger, he went to the backyard and told the *pigeon* that a mousetrap had come in the house. The pigeon jokingly said that what about me? Which one do I have to get stuck in? Disappointed rat went to tell this thing to *chicken*. The chicken mockingly said… go brother.. this is not my problem. The desperate mouse went to the enclosure and told this thing to the goat… and the goat started rolling in laughter. The same night there was a rattling sound in the rat trap, in which a poisonous *snake* was trapped. In the dark, mistaking his tail for a rat, the butcher's wife pulled it out and the snake bit him. When his health deteriorated, that person called the doctor. The doctor

Job Cuts at Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Spotify: The teams that have seen 'the Most Layoffs'

 Amazon Google MS layOff  Great IT  and Tech Ression on the way ? Amazon Google MS layOff  Great Ression on the way ?  Job Cuts at Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Spotify: The teams that have seen 'the Most Layoffs' #Amazon,  #Alphabet #Google,  #Microsoft   #Spotify Job cuts are on the rise in tech land, as the companies that led the 10-year bull market adapt to a new reality. Google on Friday announced plans to lay off 10,000 people from its workforce, while Microsoft said on Wednesday it was letting go of 12,000 employees. Amazon    A fresh round of job cuts also began, which is expected to eliminate more than 18,000 employees and be the largest reduction in the workforce in the e-retailer's 28-year history. The layoffs come in a period of slowing growth, higher interest rates to fight inflation and fears of a possible recession next year. Here are some of the biggest cuts in the tech industry so far. All numbers are estimates based on filings, public statements and media