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Alfa Group of Start-Ups

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MP Flying Club Bhopal Reunion 2019

    मध्यप्रदेश फ्लाइंग क्लब के रीयूनियन 2019 AVIATION-MP-FLYING CLUB TWO BHOPAL     Referring to higher-ranking aviator Captain SH Ali, Mr Singh said that he had been safely flown by the former over approximately 20 years while occupying the chief ministerial and other positions.      Others given recognition were Capt KS Sinha, KG Bahl, Suresh Chandra, Capt SM Akhtar, Mandar Mahajan, Capt Vijay Mishra, Capt Nikhil and Capt Bami.    Capt Ambrish Sharma and his spouse Capt Ruchi Vijayvargiya were felicitated in the ‘Husband Wife Pilot’ category whereas Mr Sheetal and Mr Nitin Khandelwal and Mr Anant and Akshat Sethi were in the ‘Father Son Pilot’ bracket and four persons in ‘Brother Brother’. Ground crew Rambabu, Amjad and Manohar were lauded for years of service to the Club. More UNI PKJ-AC 17DR18 AVIATION-MP-FLYING CLUB THREE LAST BHOPAL    “This is a training facility whose alumni numbering in hundreds are either providing services to prestigious airlines in India and f

Blog Training Courses

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