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SUPER POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHT By Reading this Post Today, the Tension of the Whole life will End. Just be Patient and Calmly Read. Father  :   Raj Age 40 Years Mother :   Meeta Age 38 Years  Son     :  Aman Age 11 Years Raj Age 40 Years was running worried for a long time, due to which he started living in tension and tension. He was disturbed by the fact that all the expenses of the house have to be lifted by him, the  responsibility of the whole family is on the same side, some relatives  or relatives are going to visit him,   Thinking about these things, he was very upset and often scolded the   Son Aman  and most of his wife Meeta had a fight with some thing. One day his son Aman came to him and said, Dad, do my homework in school, Raj was already in tension, he scolded Aman, but  when his anger became calm after a while, he went to Aman That son is asleep and has a copy of his homework in his hand. He looked  through the copy and as soon as he wanted to keep