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Monday 29 January 2018

Tanvi Agarwal

The pic above itself shows the real character of a girl who is passionate enough to conquer over her dreams. She is Tanvi Agarwal pursuing her graduate degree in B. Tech , Computer Science and Engineering branch from G. B. P. I. E. T., Ghurdauri. She is in second year.

Tanvi seems to be a kind of a girl who is focused at some or other thing each time she appears. It is like her journey never ends, no obstacles could hinder on her way towards her desire. She is a 'writing freak'. Let me elaborate:
She loves to write poetry, quotes, nano tales and many more. Here are some pics of her work:
A nano tale she posted on Mirakee(an exclusive app for writers to express their thoughts out).

A quote posted on YourQuotes(another app for writers).
She is a blogger too at
The best thing in her is her determination. She follows a tagline which is the name of her facebook page and her copyright too i.e. Being Alive. She strictly follows this and stay happy alive. She likes to learn new things and add up to her knowledge. Not just writing freak she too is a techno geek. Last year she went for coaching of programming language  Java , also she knows C, C++,HTML,CSS. 

No matter how hard is life she does not stop anyway. She isn't a kind of person who can sit pondering and just pondering about doing this and that. If she doesn't get one thing, she searches for another alternative.
Though she isn't a perfect photographer, still she never misses a chance to click something that soothes her soul.

Her motive in life is:
"Stop not till you achieve what's your desire because ambition is a sort of obligation but dreams are way beyond, dreams are those which gives wings and independence to fly high, higher and highest." 

FAQ Team Alfa Bloggers,

FAQ Team Alfa Bloggers, 

1) Why should I have Social Media Accounts ?
Social Media Accounts are more of how you handle yours.  Its more like which side of yours you want to be showcased.  Its a platform to socialize,  like,  share and comment down on the topics you and your colleagues might love talking or discussing about. A painter can add series of his/her paintings and get appreciated from friends and followers.  There could be infinite such examples where people can use Social Media accounts to their advantage but personally for me its a platform where I share my space with friends of varied backgrounds. Knowing about what's in trend to seeking solutions to my professional and personal problems all gets sorted as I use the account in a right way and showcasing the sides of mine I want.  I think having a Social Media account is like an asset if you use it appropriately. 

2) Why my Original Pictures are required for this profile ?
After I completed my 6 day training as a HR trainee at alfa bloggers, I realized that it is not just a blog that promotes or spreads the word things just to earn money but has a really huge motive behind. 
The team is working for huge cause i. e. Employing more and more no. of women workers in the area they are less known for working and spread the word that women have the capacity to achieve whatever they wish for.  The causes are so amazing but for general public to believe and make it as quick as possible they require people with authentic identity and their original photos will always be an added advantage for a Team like this.  Cause people always want to believe in true stories and to fulfill that originals are required. 

3)How is it possible to Work from Home?
With technology growing so much the world has become a small place. 
From voice calls to video calls everything is possible today.  This has actually opened a new opportunity of Online business and thus with so much connectivity all around the world,  it has made it possible for the people to work just by sitting at home without actually coming to the office. 

4) What after completing this Internship?
If selected as an intern it would be great experience and exposure to a whole new world for me.  From communicating to marketing to socializing it would all together be at a different level. After completing this internship if provided an opportunity I would love to continue it. 

5) Why my Bio is uploaded on  ?
So as to make believe that the Alfa Bloggers team is not just any other blog around.  It has a team of various backgrounds and cultures who all have their own stories and their stories are true and authentic. That person linked to this blog are all true and are not just a set of random monotonous people.  They actually work for their passion. 

Madhavi Bhardwaj

Her full name is Madhavi Bhardwaj and she is just a small town girl with big plans for herself.
she did her schooling and graduation in  B.Com (Computers) from Bhopal and currently perusing MBA from manipal university , Jaipur. She is also a post graduate diploma holder in INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. She is a very adapting and goal oriented girl who loves to dance ,creating arts  and making impossible things possible.She is someone who believes in the theory that " leaders are not born but made through a lot of handwork and dedication" and her process of becoming a leader has already started.Her father is in govt service and mother is a homemaker, and a younger brother who is in 11th standard. She cannot say NO when her dear ones asks for help and her kindness becomes her weakness sometimes, but she is working on it hard and converting her weakness into her strengths. 

Swetha Maria John

Swetha is a funloving compassionate girl who hails from the city of Cochin.  She is currently pursuing her 4th year of graduation in Law at School of Legal Studies, Cochin University Of Science and Technology,Kerala. By academics she might be a law student but by passion she is a hardcore writter. Her love for writing started when she was a kid and was a huge fan of fictional stories. The idea of creating and getting into a new magical world through words has always facinated her. 
Being a 4 feet 11 inch girl she was always teased about her height and there was a time when she dreamt of having long beautiful sexy legs just like her peers.
But in later stage of life she realized being a short girl is not something to be worried about and there is a beauty in embracing our own bodies. She started noticing that many people around her who doesnt qualify in to the stereotypical beauty standards are having a the same inferiority feeling just like her. It was then she make use of her passion to imbibe the vibes of body positivity. Every individual is unique and beautiful in thier own way regardless of thier skin or shape and that every one can look good if she decides to carry her well with confidence. She believes that everyone could be stylish and it is a high time to redefine those cliche indian beauty standards. And she wish to bring back the confidence in them by her words and to work as a fashion blogger.
Other than a writer she is also a trained Bharathanatyam dancer who has bagged plenty of awards in the state and national platforms.
She is also blessed with the skill of public speaking and hosted many events as an Anchor. She is possed with the experience of working as an H.R intern at a leading marketing firm based on Cochin.  She posses a love for travel and music and prefers beaches rather than mountains. 
She believes that "the only person who is in between the one who you are and the one whom you want to become is you.
And there is no point waiting for a savior to come an making our dreams come true. If you want to make it big in this world hardwork in the  key".

Sunday 28 January 2018

Ingela Kidwai

 Ingela Kidwai born in Lucknow, UP, India and brought up in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she has completed her schooling 10th standard and 12th standard from International Indian School Jeddah and then went back to India to pursue her higher studies. She is an MPA (Master of Public Administration) student. She passed out of college in 2016 since then she is actively searching for a job in Human Resource Management field were she can gain some work experience and share her ideas and views regarding it.During her academy she was a very active student and participated in many extra curricular activities like she was appointed as Proctor of Reading Room (2013-2014) Event-In-Charge for Sir Syed Day Celebration in (2015) which is one of the biggest celebration held in Aligarh every year.
Then she appointed as a volunteer for Hall Week Event in ( 2015). Ingela has a great interest in sports especially in Cricket so she participated in many sports activities like Cricket matches, Two-leg race, Lemon and Spoon race. Ingela kidwai loves travelling to different destinations and explore new things and new culture of that particular place. She is a person with positive attitude even if she faces an calamity she keeps a positive approach and always keeps on smiling. She is foodie who likes experimenting on food of different cuisines. She thinks that Human Resource Department is one of the most essential department in any organization, industry because it is this department that handles all the grievances related to employees relation and any other matter relating to employee or company. Ingela goes on to say that If any organization makes an effort to make their employees feel comfortable and a feeling of belongingness and also appreciating the work of the employees or rewards them through bonus, increase in salary or a holiday makes the employee feel recognized then the employee will work with devotion to fulfill the objectives of the organization. Ingela believes that nothing is impossible to achieve in this world with hard work and core dedication and also believes that their is no age bar for learning anything new. Finally she mentions that in all stages of life a person learns and experiences something new or the other and life is all about ups and downs. 


Thursday 25 January 2018

Payal Priya Singh

Payal Priya Singh. She is someone even after loosing everything she had everything. Even after loosing her parents she never lost her hope.  Payal is Full of enthusiasm and energy .she does each and every work with perfection. 

She is studying in techno india kolkata persuing media science. The way she anchors is just amazing. She loves giving speeches going for debates. She is very much into her family her grandfather does everything for her. She always says that she wants to become a successful anchor whom everyone will admire. Though she lost her parents but she is a very very strong girl. She has been trained in all india radio  for a radio jockey.
She always says 'don't loose hope if god has given you pain he will only heal it ' just go on doing your deeds. 

Muskan Chourey

Muskan Chourey is an Engineering student at VIT University, Vellore. She is from Bhopal and has completed her 12th class with 94%, from Delhi Public School, Bhopal. She is an avid traveler and writes about her love for traveling to satisfy her wanderlust during her busy college days. Apart from traveling and writing, she likes music, photography, and food! She is an extrovert who loves to socialize with people. Currently, she is searching for an internship as a Content Writer. Her Facebook username is "Muskan Chourey" and you can find her photographs and a work sample attached to this mail.

Muskan Chourey

Neha Tripathi


Neha Tripathi  is the energetic kid which lit up the room. This is Neha Tripathi & she is currently pursuing her B.Tech in Electronics & communication from the Gujarat. Born in Uttar Pradesh & raised in Gujarat.

The kid is currently focusing on her future plans &  she wants to work for her own Gender. The failure of JEE to indulging herself in Volunteering, blogging & overcoming all the past experience make her stand out. Being sure of the next step is something I admire about her. Such a  great foodies, reader & writer. She is a cute, bubbly & jolly person. A hard worker I must say. The kid wants to travel the entire world & want all the women too be Independent

Neha Tripathi 

Wednesday 24 January 2018

I am a Precious Pearl

When I demanded equality, I am reminded that I am a girl..
They treated me like a ruler, but I am their precious pearl..
Yeah! I am as precious as gold..

But they never wanted me to become bold..
It hurts a lot, but I never told..

When I demanded equality, I am reminded that no to go out of vicinity..
They wanted to keep me inside,for that they always guide..
My tearful eyes were dried, then also they felt pride.. 
whenever I wanted to go outside, they say what you need everything we provide.. 

when I demanded equality, I am reminded that I am not strong 
People will take advantage and can do anything wrong..
When I demanded equality, I am reminded to which society I belong ..

Atlast I decided,better to remain silent lifelong

Nippranshi Jain (MBA Entrepreneurship)


Nippranshi Jain (MBA Entrepreneurship)
Social Media Intern
 Alfa Bloggers Group

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