Thursday, 13 September 2012

Zenith Infotech Announces "Accelerate: Take the Fast Track to the Cloud!"

Cloud computing: Could it cost more?
Cloud computing is all about cutting costs, but some organisations that are going down that road are reporting increased cost instead. How is this possible? According to Marc Noble, director of government affairs for (ISC)2, he knows of at least one ...
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Zenith Infotech Announces "Accelerate: Take the Fast Track to the Cloud!"
IT News Online
Zenith has developed an amazing presentation incorporating the most salient points from CompTIA's Cloud Quick Start Session as well as material on its new cloud computing solution, TigerCloud. Managers and owners of information technology solution ...
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cloud's carbon footprint
Broadcast Engineering (blog)
A late August newsletter titled, “Will the Cloud's Efficiency cut Energy (and Coal) Use?” raised my interest. The press release then answered the question with a long quote from an IEEE paper, “GreenCloud Computing: Balancing Energy in Processing, ...
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Cloud Computing Will Increase the Number of Women in IT. Netpremacy Global ...
The IT industry is currently a male-dominated area, however some experts believe the root to increasing the number of female IT employees is through cloud computing. You may ask, why is a distinct gender gap an issue? Women are evidently happy working ...
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9 Ways We'll be Purchasing (or Not Purchasing) Cloud Computing
In his new book, Cloudonomics, Joe Weinman makes a series of cogent arguments related to the business value of cloud computing, as established through various economic models. There are, and will be, many ways cloud services will be delivered,...
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Creative Ways to Deliver Cloud Computing Services
Data Center Knowledge
The idea behind cloud computing is to efficiently utilize shared resources and maximize computing density. With better underlying hardware, developers have been able to become creative with some of the platforms that cloud computing can actually deliver.
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Data Center Knowledge
Effective Ways Cloud Computing Can Contribute To Education Success
CloudTweaks News
Cloud computing and education sounds ambiguous on the face of it. Naturally, it's because, very few individuals, publishers and users alike come from the education sector. In most cases, cloud computing is only associated with businesses and how they ...
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Cloud computing trends: Three reasons skeptics aren't adopting cloud
Like the early days of the California Gold Rush, the promise of easy riches has spurred providers from all over the IT industry to cash in on cloud computing trends and launch cloud services. It is evident, however, that cloud adoption and usage ...
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Cloud computing unveiled
Zimbabwe Independent
Twenty Third Century Systems CEO Ellman Chanakira said cloud computing service would enable Zimbabwe customers to access critical business management data for efficient and effective functioning at affordable cost. Cloud computing is the use of ...
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The five things that private cloud is not
"The growth of private cloud computing is being driven by the rapid penetration of virtualization and virtualization management, the growth of cloud computing offerings and pressure to deliver IT faster and cheaper," said Tom Bittman, vice president ...
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