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Top 5 Good and Bad India's Person of the Year 2013

Top 5 Good and Bad  India's Person of the Year 2013 1. Arvind Kejriwal 2. Virat Koli 3. Ratan Tata 4. Raghuram Rajan 5. Yashraj Kandya Arvind Kejriwal: Person of The Year Mr Arvind Kejriwal [ An IITian and Ex IRS ]  is the creator of a new matrix of clean politics, without the traditional baggage of caste, community, religion and region.  To them, he is a radical minus the slogans; someone who can battle and eliminate corruption, and improve everyday lives. Even his foes are realizing now that he is perhaps more than a cocky peddler of impossible dreams that they made him out to be; rather, he is emblematic of an idea whose time has come. Kejriwal and his party have sought to exorcise the society from corruption and help the disempowered exercise what they have been disentitled from. 45-year-old former IRS officer's public conduct has altered the very idea of what a politician and a political party should be. At a time when red beacons typify the vulgarity of

4 Persons [ ABCD ] Who Will Not Let You Grow Fast as Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

4 Persons [ ABCD ]  Who Will Not Let You Grow Fast as  Entrepreneurs and Business Owners  A  Advt Agencies  B  Bankers C  Consultants D  Development Team How to Overcome Top 4 Common Entrepreneurial Challenges in Work  How do some Start Ups find a way to get through problems that comes ?  You needs to  figure out how to recover after a Failed Product Launch, Speed Up Cash Flow during tough times, withstand the Threats from new Competition, Hire the right employees and find new Customers.  Here some Business Tips for clearing main hurdles that Small Businesses typically face at some point. A  Advt Agencies  B  Bankers C  Consultants D  Development Team Who Will Not Let You Grow fast as Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 

Top 5 Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Make

$1 Investing Your own Capital  Without Grasping the Financials  Many of new Entrepreneurs decide to start their new Business without considering the monetary outlay involved in the Effort. Bootstrapping your way to an operational Business may work out if your costs are reasonably low. Unfortunately, many Blog Owners and Founders overspend their way into trouble by getting their feet wet before much planning is done. Look at Your budget and get a good grasp on how you plan to Finance your Business before you get going. $2 Not Doing enough Market Research This seems to be a Fairly Common Problem. A lot of creative minds out there get lots of Fresh and Innovative Exciting Business Ideas which are then turned into Business pursuits. However, not all wonderful Ideas are worthy of your Investment, something that sufficient research will uncover.  $3 Not Focusing on Your Target Market. If you’re not clear as to who your target audienc

Best and Great Entrepreneurs Ideas

Best and Great Entrepreneurs Ideas Entrepreneur Ideas that you can use now How do you get Free Publicity for Your Business Having the Desire to Open your own Business gives you tons of Business Ideas on what goods to sell or what kind of Service to provide. However, not all Business Ideas that you can think of will turn out great. Even if you turn your passion into an income generating desire, this does not guarantee that it will work on your advantage. There are essential components that must be met before you can say that you have come up with a great Business Idea. Although it has been proven by a lot of successful entrepreneurs that a great Business Idea had just popped out of nowhere at the most unexpected place and time. This is not always the case. Indeed, it did happen to them, but that does not mean it will happen to you too. First of all, the most important factor to consider for you to come up not just with great entrepreneur Ideas, but also an effec

One More Student Pilot Sohail J Ansari of Indira Gandhi Uran Academy Birsi Airport Gondia killed in Air Crash

A Single Engine Trainer Aircraft Dimond D40 Flown by a Trainee Pilot Sohel Ansari  crashed in the Pachmarhi hills of Madhya Pradesh killing the Pilot Suhel Ansari  on Tuesday. The plane belonging to Rae Bareli's Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA) had taken off from Gondia's Birsi Airport around 1220 Hrs on Tuesday. After some time, the ATC lost contact with the Aircraft and Sohel Ansari . The body of the Pilot Sohail Ansari was found on Wednesday near Belakheda in the Pachmarhi hills. It is gathered that the IGRUA conducts some of its training flights from Gondia Airport that houses the Rajiv Gandhi National Flying Institute. A 20 Year old pilot, who went missing with his D 40 Aircraft after Taking Off from Gondia in Maharasthra on December 24, was found dead in a remote forest area in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, on Wednesday.  Debris of his D 40 Aircraft was found scattered in Jungles of Sitadongri around 140 Kilometers from Chhindwara district

When Your Value Increases Keep Quiet

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Bio Capt. Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot, DIAM, M.Ae.S.I., MAOPA [USA] ]

Shekhar Gupta CEO Capt. Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot, DIAM, M.Ae.S.I., MAOPA [USA] ] Blog :  http://shekharaerosoft. Capt Shekhar is a Professional Pilot with more than 8 years experience of Flying on 14 different types of Aircrafts in 15 different countries with Accident-Free Flying Record. Shekhar is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground Class for Pilots. Shekhar started his flying career from Skycabs [Colombo ] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from a different part of the World. He has trained more than 350 Pilots who are flying world wide . He is an Active  Member of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association       [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Bhopal / Indore, Aeronautical Research Society. He is a Frequent Flyer on AA, Air India, British Airways, Cathey Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emerites , E