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Capt Shekhar with all ATAC members at Montreal Canada

Good Morning Ladies & Gentleman

I have been planning to write this Blog for quite some time, but each time some or the other reason kept me from flying into this part of theworld

So now here I am .

I am a Professional Pilot with more then 8  years experience of Flying on different types of Air crafts in different countries with accident free flying record. I started my flying career from Skycabs    [ Colombo ] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different parts of the world. We trained more then 350 Pilots who are now flying world wide. I am a member of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, AeronauticalResearch Society.I am a frequent flyer on AA, Air India, Air Canada,British Airways, Cathey Pacific, DeltaAirlines, Emerites, Ethihad, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and many more.

My most recentpassion is Air Aviator a new proposed virtual  Air Charter…

Mission To Canda Press Conference

We are pleased to announce that AeroSoft Corp. is been choose for the mission to canada and thanks to media who have appreciated our work.
Capt Shekhar with all ATAC members at Montreal Canada