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Wednesday 19 February 2020

Anto Sharon

Various opportunities are available to various people. But the tricky part which always made Anto Sharon work a tad bit more was the very fact that equal opportunities aren't available for all. It has been itched in his senses to fight for this so called sense of fairness from the start. 

Hailing from a small town in South Tamil Nadu. He saw his father move to Chennai in search for better opportunities. These shunted opportunities available to his father, made his father realize that his son must do better. That made him get a pampered education background while being susceptible towards the inequalities around. 

With some hard work and luck , another JEE aspirant chose another opportunity and line of education , management as an undergraduate option in IIM Indore. And right from the start he had put himself in the domain of Media, PR and marketing. This gave him strong foundation in the world of literature and psychology. And he has been pursuing this ocean of opportunities through learning and critical thinking in his own way. He worked his way up in a pseudo corporate atmosphere through each course and through each word. 

He became more interested in the world of Industry relations . And has been facilitating various sponsors and corporate associations in fests and for the institution in general. In three years, he finally reached a position with which he can reckon a direct impact, Secretary of IPM Media, PR and Industry Outreach Committee . Even with this he has been continuing his work to share his opportunity of management as an undergraduate degree to various students in various places . And he is still striving his best for promoting and marketing his course pan India. 

He believes that his strengths lie in bonding with people and in finding words to express hia thoughts clearly across any plausible situation. And his weakness is over obsessing about something in his varied plate. Regardless he always is up fighting against the clich├ęd prexisting norms and gives his best to almost anything he believes.