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Reasons Why Cloud Computing Remains Unpopular Past 2012

There is no limit to what cloud computing can offer to individuals, corporations, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. Cloud computing benefits cut across storage, working, communication, and so many other industries and functions. As yet, few people actually use it; or rather very few individuals are making the transition to it from the ‘inefficient, traditional and expensive’ forms or techniques.

These negative attitudes have been promoted by a number of reasons. Some are mere excuses where logic is called upon. Others are real concerns and thus form the basis of this article. People don’t use cloud computing for different reasons; and the most contentious ones include the following. According to most cloud computing industry experts, these could be the reasons why most people avoid cloud computing.

On top of the list is the cost of cloud cost computing. Premium and efficient cloud computing services remain costly for the regular business person and thus make uptake very slow or non-existent. Setting up, subscriptions, and service maintenance costs are high—so is the cost of doing business. Rather than setting up new systems at an extra expense, most businesses prefer operating on slow and inefficient systems which are (now) cheaper at maintenance level. Businesses don’t want an extra expense to devalue their present working servers, among a horde of other reasons. Of course, there is a valid opportunity cost explanation to justify why cloud computing is the cost efficient option in the long run. However, most businesses, small businesses especially, find this pretty hard to concur. As such, because of the cost debates, the adoption of cloud computing remains slow.

The second reason why cloud computing remains unpopular is because of security concerns. Security in the cloud continues to be a hot debate topic at most cloud computing conferences. There are hackers, thieves, and other malicious individuals who would benefit a lot from stolen data off cloud computing servers. Whereas most cloud computing providers offer some of the best security protocols that are difficult to bypass, people and businesses still have security concerns. These are measured on the basis of traditional businesses which have all their digital data stored within their premises; therefore, charging securing roles to a third, large party, is difficult.

Lastly, privacy is another big problem cloud computing faces, bringing a lot of negative publicity (hence, additional costs) to cloud computing industry. In a recent outburst, Steve Wozniak—Apple’s co-founder—stated that cloud computing would not be in the cosmos in the next five years, that it would become practically impossible to keep digital secrets because one firm will be having them!

These sentiments have been echoed elsewhere. Digital ownership will become a thing of the past. Of course where ownership is concerned, that’s enough for any self-caring person to avoid the technology. Overall, although some of these details are sensitive and scary, cloud computing remains a candidate as the technology to beat in the future.

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