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Monday 10 December 2012

How to Reedem Mutual Funds

How to Redeem your Mutual Fund Units

The process of 'selling' your mutual fund units is called as 'Redemption. This presentation shows how to redeem your mutual fund units. Most AMCs offer the redemption option on your account statement itself.

Consult your mutual fund investment statement, which should have a transaction
 slip at the bottom of the page. Instructions for filling out the transaction 
slip and a mailing address for the mutual fund company should be featured on 
the back of the statement so that you can mail it in and redeem your mutual 
fund shares.

If you don't wish to redeem your mutual fund shares by mail or have misplaced 
your investment statement, visit the broker that you originally purchased the
 mutual fund shares through. Whether it is a physical broker or an online 
brokerage, you should be able to redeem your shares with very little 
difficulty. If you have a money market account set up through your broker, 
the funds from your redeemed mutual funds will likely be deposited directly 
into that account for you to withdraw or reinvest.

Another alternative for redeeming your mutual fund shares is to wait for the mutual fund to reach its maturity date. Most brokers will have an option to let you automatically redeem a mutual fund that has reached its date of maturity, again depositing the money from the mutual fund directly into your money market account. Depending on the brokerage that you use, you may also have the option to use this money to invest in other mutual funds or stocks automatically from your money market.

How to Reedem Mutual Funds,

Paulson & Co Hedge Fund,
Scotia Bank Cayman Islands,
Citigroup Private Bank,

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