Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Singapore's PMI shrinks for 3rd month, recession looms

Secondary Sources: Imminent Recession?, Chinese Consumers, Financial ...
Wall Street Journal (blog)
–Imminent Recession?: Menzie Chinn is skeptical of recession predictions. “So, given the dearth of forecasts of recession, and the fact that not all indicators are trending down, I rate the likelihood of imminent recession as low — but of course the ...
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'We're Heading for Recession,' Zell Predicts for Economy
Text Size. By: Jeff Cox CNBC.com Senior Writer. A compounding lack of confidence in the future has kept American companies from investing in their businesses and is leading the country back intorecession, real estate mogul Sam Zell told CNBC.
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Greece recession to enter 6th year, budget shows
San Jose Mercury News
ATHENS, Greece—Greece's brutal recession is set to extend into a sixth year in 2013, when the economy will contract by another 3.8 percent, according to forecasts in the draft budget submitted to Parliament on Monday. This year's recession will see ...
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Singapore's PMI shrinks for 3rd month, recession looms
SINGAPORE, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Singapore's manufacturing sector contracted for a third consecutive month in September as new orders fell further, a business survey showed, bolstering the view the trade-dependent city-state likely slipped into recession ...
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Holiday sales seen rising 4.1 percent in 2012
The Associated Press
At the same time, there's uncertainty about who the next president will be and some Americans worry that the U.S. debt crisis could lead to another recession. "In all the years, this is the most challenging year doing a forecast," said Matthew Shay ...
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Feldstein: We're Not in a Recession
Fox Business
In the Wall Street Journal with signs do point to recession and -- Of the husband funds saying that it is his conviction quote that the US economy has already. Entered into a recession so. -- Marty Phelps I think professor Martin Feldstein is the ...
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Recession Proof Craft Breweries Thriving in Sluggish N. American Beer Market
Sacramento Bee
Recession Proof Craft Breweries Thriving in Sluggish N. American Beer Market. By just-drinks.com.just-drinks.com. Last modified: 2012-10-01T14:56:38Z. Published: Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 - 7:55 am. Copyright 2012 . All rights reserved. This material may ...
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Recession hit region hard, Marist Poll finds
Poughkeepsie Journal
The Great Recession left a big dent in the consciousness of mid-Hudson residents and has shaped their views of what they expect, and want, in the future, an extensive survey made public Monday shows. Economic concerns rose to the top of the list in all ...
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The Growth Recession Of 2012 And The Presidential Election
The components of the revised second quarter GDP report paint a picture of an economy at risk of slipping into a full-blown recession. Consumption growth of 2.0% during the first half was actually somewhat stronger than during 2011. And, a triple in ...
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RAHN: A vote for Obama is a vote for recession
Washington Times
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and many leading economic forecasters have predicted that we are likely to go into another recession by the first quarter of 2013 if the administration and Congress allow the economy to go off the “fiscal cliff” at ...
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