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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Captain Pinaki and Captain Sushmita [ Sush ]

Extract from book

As a Son of AirIndia Captain I was always with 

Airplanes, My  Story seeks out the special few 

who have answered the call of the skies, those 

with the discipline, aptitude, and courage to 

become Pilots.  

Life  in hangars and homes, at Airport restaurants 

and on ramps, My Story tells the story of Flight in 

the words of Pilots themselves. What it means to 

Fly an Airplane all alone for the first time on my 

1st Solo. 

What it means to Fly an Airplane for the last time. 

The easy rapport one can have with a person who 

is a complete stranger but for the shared 

experience of Flying.

And the excitement that consumes Pilots at the 

opportunity to share this world of Aviation with 

non-Pilots, Airport communities, community 

leaders, and anyone else who will listen a born 


My  Story is a saga for anyone who has sat all 

alone in an Aircraft, firewalled the throttle, 

charged down the Runway, and rotated. 

And especially for those who might if given the 

chance. For most people, the Sky is the Limit. For 

a Pilot, the sky is home and Airplane is my Office. 

This is the story of the journey home. A Pilot's 


I am a Pilot Captain Pinaki Roy 

When I was young, I never even imagined that 

someday I would simply be mad 
about Aircrafts and Flying. On my third birthday 

my dad asked me what kind of Birthday cake
you wants ? 

My answer was so obivious an Airplane Shaped 


On my  trip abroad, to Singapore, I bought the 

Observer's Book of Aircraft by William Green, this 

changed my world completly. It had all the 

different  kinds of Aircafts one could see at that 

time with their full specifications. The book 
increased my vocabulary, I got to know technical 

details of various Aircrafts, their type, seating, 

Powerplant, Cruising Speed, Armament, Country of origin, Dimensions, Dervice Ceiling, Endurance, range, etc. 

Soon I was nicknamed Pilot by my Friends, 

whenever they used to see any Aircraft, 
they used to enquire about it from me. I started to 

correctly recognise even those 
Aircrafts which were flying at very high altitudes. 
Even my ears got trained for the slightest sound 

which resembled the drone of an Aircraft engine. I 

could tell well in advance that whether the 

approaching Aircraft was a Piston Engine, a 

Turboprop, a Jet or a Chopper. 

Just a single book changed my whole life, I 

became an Aviation enthusiast. Soon I 
started to buy all the good books related to 

Aviation I could lay my hands on. By the 
time I reached the age of 18 years, that is the 

time I finished my schooling, I had a 
library, full of books on Aircrafts and other related 


One day when I  passd my Schooling ,The next 

day my dad took me  to the office of the local National Flying Club and enrolled myself as a Student Pilot. 

Within 14 months of my joining or after exactly 15 

Hrs of flying hrs on Pushpak MK-I and
Cessna 150 Airplane, I was ready to go Solo, 
all alone, no one would accompany me, it would 

be just me and my Cessna 150 Airplane.

I got ready  for the flight, done with my 360 

External Pre Flight checks, checked the Elevator, 

Ailerons, Rudder and Airbrakes, they were all 

working, In side the Airplane I checked the Altimeter, Variometer, slip-skid indicator, Pitot tube, Speedometer, they all seemed well.  
My Chief Pilot Instructor Captain Aditya Singh
informed Air Traffic Control that a new Pilot 
Pinaki Roy will Fly his 1st Solo on Cessna 150.
I got a permission from ATC and I am on my way :)
Given full throttle my Airspeed reached at 70 Knots and I am Airborn all alone very 1st time in my life. At a hight of about 400 feets I took 90 degree left turn and I am at Cross wind leg now. 
After few miles of flying again I took 90 degree
left turn to get on to Down wind. 
I reported to ATC
Dehradoon Tower this is VT - DBC [ Victor Tango
Delta Bravo Charlie ] Reporting Down wind.
VBC Please report when on finals -  Dehradoon Tower

Dehradoon Tower this is VT - DBC [ Victor Tango
Delta Bravo Charlie ] Reporting Final. Request
for Landing ?

VBC Clear to Land 

-  Dehradoon Tower

I landed my Airplane very safely. I was thrilled.

Wow I am a Captain [ Commanding and Piloting
Aviator In Navigation ] now.

Now I could call myself a PILOT, a real AVIATOR 


But actual problem started after my 1st Solo 

Flight. Now this is the time I realise why
every Indian Pilot hates Director General of Civil Aviation also knone as DGCA and Indian  

Officials. Now I am getting my flights only now and then, once a week or twice a month making me so frustated. 
After waiting for 17 months I got my Indian Private Pilot Certificate. Now I decided to continue my rest of Professional Flying Training  in the United States of  America.

Captain Richard Borland President of Texas Aviation Academy at Austin was a good friend of my Dad.
So I joined Texas Aviation Academy  for my CPL.

Land in America

Capt Richard had tought time to get Pinaki back 

on right Flying.  Every day he was learning many new terms of Flying. James Golfin [ Jimmy ] 

was his flight Instructor. Jimmy was a very cool 

Pilot so Pinaki was bit relexed to learn flying. Flying training in USA is too fast and within 4 months I got my Commercial Pilot Licence in hand. 


Back to India, No Aviation Jobs available here, So again my old Flying Club to join as Assistent Pilot Instructor under the same  

CFI Captain Aditya Singh

It is very difficult for Pinaki to Cop up with Indian Flying style as its still very old fashiond.  

Adjusting with Indian flying culture he started teaching  Pilots in Indo - US style.  He 

was not at all happy with the culture but had
no option, his frustation was increasing as days 

passing.  But his logboog  getting hrs day by
day so he started prepration for his ATPL and he 

cleared all his pappers too. Still he had about 1200Hrs only 300hrs more to get an ATPL 

licence.  Aviation is not so much a Profession or a hobby as it is a disease. 

AirIndia released an advertisement for Trainee Co-Pilot for Boeing 737 - 700 NG  Aircraft. He applied and left his API Job to prepare for his AirIndia exam.  

AirIndia declared resut after 9 months and
by dafault Captain Pinaki got no 1 position. Thanks to his  wonderfull US flying Experience and  awfull Indian Assistent Flight Instructor's Experience. 

He  always tell his student Pilot, Learn from
the mistakes of others -- you won't live long 

enough to make all of them yourself.  But they
are not ready to listen him much. 

Pinaki met another Pilot Captain Sushmita [ Sush 

] at DGCA for her Conversion from

Canadian CPL into Indian DGCA CPL. She was 

trying to get it since last 4 months but all
vain. Pinaki helpd her to get her licence within 7 

days with all formalities done. Of course
that cost them only couple of bucks extra to local DGCA agents before they 

could get CPL in hand, but thats the culture
Indian DGCA has. Sush was so happy with her 

licence in hand, as she had lost all her hopes
before. She kissed Pinaki in DGCA office only.

To celebrate this, Captain Pinaki Invited  Captain 

Sushmita [ Sush ] at Hotel Taj for Candle
light dinner,  they both were so excited that both 

reached Taj almost an hour before their
schedule time. Captain Pinaki proposed  Captain 

Sushmita just after the dinner, which  Sush
accepted immidiately. This was most happening 

day for Captain Pinaki and   Captain Sushmita both were flying on Cloud Nine.

Time flown very fast and its time for Sush to get 

back to Canada, as her whole family lives
in Canada, even she born and brought up in 

Canada only.  Her Dad had a small Flight School
and a Air Charter Services at a Monatoba, north 

Canada,  which was also not doing well due
heavy recession in Aviation. Captain Sushmita, 

was a class 2 CFI there but she wanted to fly for an Airlines, which was bit difficult in Canada due to  recession, So she decided to get her Indian CPL.

AirIndia was suffering from heavy losses, So they 

cancelled further expansion plans and so  no 

more hiring for Trainee Co-Pilot for Boeing 737 

Aircraft.  Pinaki wanted 300 more flying
hours before he could apply for issue of Indian 

ATPL. So he decided to join one Indian company 

based out of Guwahati to fly their King Air B 200.  

Though he was paid very badly, he join to get flying hours. He was flying with Wg. 

Cdr. Aman Sing who was an ex Air force Pilot,  

No civil Aviation or International Aviation 

Exposure, but had a solid defence attitude
problem like any other defence Pilot.  

As soon as Pinaki got his 1510 hrs on his Logbook he left this job and reached again Indian DGCA with lot of docments and lot of bucks to be paid as and when required.  At any cost he wanted to get his ATPA asap. He met with Mr Rajan same tout at  DGCA who helped   Captain Sushmita  to get her Indian CPL. Pinaki paid him big amount  then usual bribe and  Rajan promised him to get his work in next 7 days. These
7 days were like 7 years for Captain Pinaki. The 

only relif he had was skype and blackberry
calls of Captain Sushmita [ Sush ] as she was the 

only soul on the earth who could understand his 

situation very well.

Monday sharp 1000 hrs  Pinaki was at DGCA 

looking for Mr Rajan, but he was not there till
1030 so he clled him on his mobile which was 

switchd off  and No reply at home landline, so he 

reached DGCA reception, but his documents 

were not there. Receptionist was not ready to
listen him. He paid her a big bucks, to get him 

ready to listen her.  After taking big bribe She
opened her mouth and inform him that no file is 

there in Indian DGCA office even.  At 1300hrs 

Rajan picked up his mobile phone and informd 

him that he is in Banglore due some important 

work and DGCA rejected his ATPL application as 

he needs minimum 1000hrs as PIC to get his ATPL issued. And if he needs his  papers back he would needs to pay  big sum of money to another DGCA agent Mr Kuldeep. 

He paid and got his original documents back. At least he has live Indian CPL in hand.

Captain Pinaki was so depressed with the 

situation,  Captain Sushmita invite him  at her 

Flight School in Canada to get Canadian ATPL. 

He immidiately accepted the offer and flown to 

Monterial with Dad Captain Ravi who was 

operating same sector on Boeing 747.  Air India
Flight Air India 224 landed at Montreal International Airport at  1830 Hrs.
Captain Sushmita was waiting at Arrival She touches feets of Captain Ravi and hugged Captain Pinaki.

She was driving to Hotel in her car asked Captain Ravi How was your flight uncle ? 
Ohh it was wonderfull flight thou little tiring and I wanted to go and sleep now. 
How about Dinner Uncle ? 
No Sush I am so tired let me check in and sleep
you and Pinaki can go out and have dinner I will see you tommorow. 

At reception Capt Sush gave keys to Capt Ravi.

Uncle its Room No 1644 Pinaki's room is Room No 1645. 

Uncle we are going to have dinner at an Indian Restarent near by and will be back in 2 hrs at max.

Goog Night guys  Capt Ravi said and took the 

Captain Pinaki was so excited to meet Capt Sush again after long time, she was looking
more pretty in Canada. They decided to go for a candle light dinner. As it was so long that they did not go out for dinner, Sush  wore a nice black Jeans and Red T Shirt
with an off shoulder blouse for the dinner. “You look gorgeous!” Holding her from back, Captain Pinaki whispered in her ears and kissed her neck and shoulders passionately. Sush got turned on. She turned back to him and held him around his neck, 
“Really ?” 
she asked Pinaki with a seductive smile and kissed him near his lips. 

Pinaki holds her tight and pulls her towards him to kiss her. After kissing her for nearly a minute, Sush slightly pushes him back, “aren’t we going for dinner?” and gives a naughty smile. 
Pinaki smiles back “ohh!! I forgot!” and winks at her.

Over the dinner, Pinaki kept holding Sush’s hand most of the times and kept on kissing her cheeks whenever he could. After dinner, they went on a long drive. It was an extremely romantic evening for Pinaki and Sush both. 

They kissed in the car too.

Back to Hotel You go and change I will wait for you in Room no 1645
Pinaki said 

Hey don't be so formal Pinaki I don't mind if you too come to my Room No 1646. 

OK give me 10 minutes I will be there in your room 


Suddenly her doorbell rang. As she opened the door she saw Pinaki sanding with a huge bouquet of red roses and a gift in his hands along with some Dress Packs. 
Sush  was stunned! “What a pleasant surprise !” 
she jumped in his arms. She was on cloud 9!

They hugged and kissed each other. Pinaki gave her one more surprise, “honey, I have decided to relocate from India  to Canada, I want to stay close to you and search a new job here in Canada itself. 

I understand baby, I am so happy that you came here to me, give me some time and I will also try to get a new and a better job for you.” But only after your ATPL. 
saying this Sush  kissed Pinaki’s forehead. 

Sush started looking at the gifts with enthusiasm that Pinaki had brought for her. 

Red roses were Sush's  favorite. She opened the gift pack. 

It was a short off shoulder black color one piece. Sush  got thrilled. 

Pinaki asked her to wear it. She went inside the Bedroom to change she did not noticed Pinaki was standing just behind. As soon as she turn out, she saw the roses were spread all over the bed with dim lights on and Pinaki was sitting with two glasses of Soft drink. 

Pinaki gave her a frisky look “you look damn gorgeous”. 
Sush blushed, “cheers!”  
and they both started having the Soft Drink. 

It was an extremely romantic moment for both them. Pinaki started kissing her hands, face and her back, laying her down on bed, he held her tight from her waist. 

Pinaki’s touch made Sush  go weak in her knees. 

They got aroused and so much intimate that they ended making love to each other.

Remaining part please read in book coming soon 

Be An Aviator not A Pilot

As A Fact Out Of Every 1000 Pilots Only 1
Pilot Becomes An Airline Pilot, 
The Book Is All About Those 999 Pilots Only.

This is the story of the journey home. Be an Aviator Not a Pilot.

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