Friday, 26 October 2012

IBM Australia unveils Cloud Computing solution

IBM Australia will pour millions of dollars into a new cloud computing offering for the enterprise and government sector, but analysts believe the development could be a double-edged sword for the company.

SmartCloud Enterprise+ (SCE+) is IBM's private cloud solution that will be hosted at its data centre in the north-west Sydney suburb of Baulkham Hills.

How The Feds Drive Cloud Innovation
The coolest cloud computing application in the world -- and in our solar system -- comes from NASA. The space agency is using commercial cloud services to process the digital images being transmitted to Earth from the Curiosity rover as it searches for ...
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NetSuite Announces Cloud 2012 Tour Event In Chicago
IT News Online
NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson will be sharing strategic insights into the future of cloud computing, while a panel of executives from leading businesses, including Wrigleyville Sports and 2XL Corporation, will discuss how companies can use the cloud to ...
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IBM Australia unveils cloud computing solution
The Australian
IBM Australia will pour millions of dollars into a new cloud computing offering for the enterprise and government sector, but analysts believe the development could be a double-edged sword for the company. SmartCloud Enterprise+ (SCE+) is IBM's private ...
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Cloud computing use is a major government IT strategy. Enterprise cloud computing firm has joined the UK government's G-Cloud framework, the cross-departmental initiative focused on introducing cloud computing across the public sector.
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Cloud Computing: Not Innovative Enough? What if the Innovation Could Double?
Formtek Blog (blog)
But considering the dramatic change in people's perception about software that's been brought about by cloud computing, it seems hard to imagine what the world of software would look like if cloud vendors were able to double the amount of innovation ...
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Gartner sees cloud computing, mobile development putting IT on edge
ORLANDO, Fla. -- A variety of mostly consumer-driven forces challenge enterprise IT and application development today. Cloud computing, Web information, mobile devices and social media innovations are converging to dramatically change modern ...
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Hacking hardware isn't just cool — it's also good business
One of the best things about cloud computing — as both a business model and an architectural principle — is that hardware really doesn't matter. By and large, as long as applications and systems management software are intelligent enough to run the ...
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HP's cloud CTO: 'it's time for CIOs to embrace opportunities of the cloud'
Instead of resisting change and viewing cloud computing trends as a threat, CIOs need to start building services for their organisation and focus on protecting their organisation's data, Christian Verstraete the CTO of Hewlett-Packard's Cloud Strategy ...
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Novell Introduces Cloud Interoperability For Network File Storage
Novell has announced the availability of Novell Dynamic File Services, allowing organisations to automatically and dynamically manage data down to an individual file basis, including the ability to archive data to cloud storage providers like Amazon S3 ...
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Where is cloud computing heading in 2013?
CIO Magazine
IDC head of research Matthew Oostveen said with cloud computing maturing this year, more organisations will start to move their IT infrastructure from on-premise to off-premise. “2012 was the year that we all got tired of cloud – there's cloud fatigue ...
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