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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Air Hostess Geetika Sharma was asking MDLR Chairman Gopal Goyal Kanda to marry her, Gopal was avoiding it, Aruna Chadha tells police

Aruna Chadha, co-accused along with former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda in the Geetika Sharma suicide case, has said in a statement that Geetika had been asking Kanda to marry her but he had been avoiding it. Police have submitted Chadha’s statement to the court.

Chadha, named along with Kanda in Geetika’s suicide note, has stated that Kanda had an “illicit relationship” with Geetika and that Kanda was “pressurising her to continue the illicit relationship...”

“Geetika was asking for solemnisation of marriage which was being avoided by Gopal Goyal Kanda on one pretext or the other. Geetika was also strongly against the relationship of Kanda with another woman, namely Ankita, based in Goa. On the instance of Kanda, sometimes I used to (urge) her not to pressurise him for immediate marriage,” reads the statement.

Chadha says Geetika, angry at Kanda’s refusal to marry her, had refused to go to office for one-and-a-half to two months. Chadha and Geetika were both executives in Kanda’s MDLR group.

“Geetika was being pressurised to return the sponsorship given by the MDLR group for her MBA course and resignation from the presidentship of an education society formed recently to run schools. Geetika was not willing to do so. She was not willing to meet Gopal Kanda as the marriage was not solemnised,” reads her statement.

Sex? No thanks, baby, I'm hitting Facebook instead

Turns out that when you think of Facebook, you may be feeling a hunka-hunka burning love.

Cue the Barry White makeout music.

Researchers at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business say the desire to indulge in Facebook, Twitter and other social-media pastimes is among the strongest temptations we now face -- right up there with sex and cigarettes.

Subjects ranged in age from 18 to 85. They were given a BlackBerry mobile device and asked to let the researchers know every 30 minutes if they had a scorching need to drop by their online hangouts.

They were also asked to mentally document other urges, such as smoking, drinking, sleeping and, well, you know. The participants were instructed to rate just how strong those desires were, ranging from "strong" to "irresistible."

The researchers determined that resisting the temptation to hit Twitter, Facebook and other social media was harder to resist than the other urges people encountered.

"Desires for media may be comparatively harder to resist because of their high availability and also because it feels like it does not cost much to engage in these activities, even though one wants to resist," says Wilhem Hofmann, lead author of the study.

Cheap thrills, in other words.

But whatever it takes.
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