Monday, 1 October 2012

Are We Already in A Recession?

Greece recession to enter 6th year, budget shows
San Jose Mercury News
ATHENS, Greece—Greece's draft budget submitted to Parliament on Monday shows the country is set for a sixth year of recession, with its economy predicted to contract by 3.8 percent in 2013. This year's recession is expected to see the economy shrink ...
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Eurozone Manufacturing Data Indicates Region Has 'Fallen Back Into A New ...
Huffington Post
LONDON, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Euro zone manufacturing put in its worst performance in the three months to September since the depths of the Great Recession, with factories hit by falling demand despite cutting prices, a business survey showed on Monday ...
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JOHN HUSSMAN: We Are Already In Recession, And The Economists Just Don't ...
Business Insider
In his latest weekly letter, investor John Hussman reiterates his belief that we are already inrecession. In regard to a U.S. recession, keep in mind that the consensus of economic forecasters – not to mention central bankers - has never recognized ...
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Wall Street Traders To Clients: It's Time To Start Preparing For An Obama Victory
Huffington Post
1 and start pulling the country into another recession. The higher taxes and lower spending would total $600 billion. They take effect automatically unless Congress and the White House reach a deal before then. If he's re-elected, Obama will still face ...
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Open a business in a recession? Work is hard; rewards are earned
Philadelphia Inquirer
"We knew consciously that coming out of a recession we'd be much stronger, we'd have a good base of clients," he said. When Jeanine Hamilton started Hire Partnership, a staffing company, in Boston in mid-2008, it looked like the worst possible timing.
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Philadelphia Inquirer
Euro-Region Unemployment Rate Rises to Record 11.4% on Crisis
San Francisco Chronicle
Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- The unemployment rate in the euro area reached the highest on record as the festering debt crisis pushed the economy toward a recession, prompting companies to cut jobs. Unemployment in the economy of the 17 nations using the ...
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Euro Outlook Weighed By Deepening Recession- Fitch Strikes Down Pound
Business Insider
As the debt crisis continues to raise the threat for a prolonged recession, European Central Bank board member Joerg Asmussen warned 'there could be additional need for external financing' in Greece, while there's talk that the periphery country may ...
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Recession stirs Catalan separatist fervour and breakaway vote
THREE weeks after a massive Catalan separatist march in Barcelona — the biggest since the 1970s — the independence flags still flutter from balconies across Spain's second-largest city. Spain's crushing recession has had this divisive result: soaring ...
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Emerging Europe Growth Faces Euro-Zone Pressure
Wall Street Journal
Europe's emerging economies have stood up to the euro-zone financial crisis, but may face increasing pressure as the currency bloc appears to fall into recession. Purchasing managers' data for September published Monday showed manufacturing grew in ...
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Are We Already in A Recession?
“The official definition of recession has become delinked from peoples' actual experience. Right now, we're in an economy with deteriorating employment and incomes, collapsing home prices, and business retrenchment. Is it also an economy inrecession?
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