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Saturday 27 June 2020

Manage Your Environment, Make your Attitude your Allies

Manage Your Environment, Make your Attitude your Allies
This environment consists of countless triggers that would influence, provoke thoughts consciously, or subconsciously.  The most complex machine on the planet right now is the human mind. It is what it is fed just like our body is what we fed over a period. Unlike the body food which is available in any kitchen or restaurant, the environment around us is the food for the mind. 
If you notice well, most of our habits are picked up from other people around us. Everything around us influences us in whittling and making us think the way we do. The size of our contemplations, goals, attitudes and the very personality are formed by the environment around us. A prolonged association with negative thinkers makes us think negatively, on the other hand, being with people with bright ideas raises the level of our thinking. Just like how our body turns into good shape with proper care and good feed, our mind also can be reconditioned for success. Feeling that your ambition or goal is far beyond your reach is the number one obstacle on the path to high-level success.
Prolonged association with negative people makes us think negatively; close contact with petty individuals develops petty habits in us. On the bright side, companionship with people with big ideas raises the level of our thinking; close contact with ambitious people gives us ambition. Experts agree that the person you are today, your personality, ambitions, and present status in life, are largely the result of your psychological environment. And experts agree also that the person you will be one, five, ten, twenty years from now depends almost entirely on your future environment.
You will change over the months and years. This we know. But how you will change depends on your future environment, the mind food you feed yourself. 
You are judged by the company you keep, like a famous quote "Birds of a feather do flock together" The size of our thinking is directly influenced by our group around. Make sure that you are in a flock that thinks right. Do not let negative thinkers pull you down to their level. Cling to people who progressively. Move upward with them. This can be done by just simply thinking right!

Conversation is a big part of our psychological environment. Some conversation is healthy. It encourages you. It makes you feel like you're taking a walk in the warm sunshine of a spring day. Some conversation makes you feel like a winner.
But other conversations are more like walking through a poisonous, radioactive cloud. It chokes you. It makes you feel ill. It turns you into a loser.

Go first class: that is an excellent rule to follow in everything you do.

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