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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Alfa HR Team.

“We’ll be with you every step of the way” 
People-related costs-including compensation and benefits-are now the single largest budget items for most companies, propelling HR into a more strategic, integrated role in fulfilling the organization’s overall strategy and goals. But to leverage that new status and make a positive impact, you need specific expertise. The HR Team, human resources outsourcing firm, is committed to providing expert human resource services and support to a wide variety of industries. Our team of friendly, seasoned professionals has the education, skills, and knowledge to ensure that your organization’s HR department is operating legally, efficiently, and strategically. And with a full spectrum of services available, we’re your one-source alternative to maintaining an in-house human resources department.
Our HR solutions are designed to provide companies with a single resource which is dedicated to managing and supporting all HR and employment processes, thus allowing them to focus on the key business areas.

We have the capability to undertake most of the HR administrative activities such as:
EDB and HRM services
Payroll and compliance services
Assessment and training services
Training and Placement cell Outsourcing services

We serve businesses of all sizes - small, medium, and large multinational corporates, and in multiple domains.. We manage critical HR processes, thus bringing significant operational excellence and seamless integrated delivery.
Our human resource outsourcing services will include activities throughout the entire duration of the employee life-cycle, right from on boarding to retirement or outplacement. We partner with client organisations to fully assist them in the transformation of their HR model to bring about maximum value to the business.


To establish and maintain an adequate organisational structure and a desirable working relationship among all the members of company by dividing of organisation tasks into functions, positions, jobs and by defining clearly the responsibility, accountability, authority for each job and its relation with other jobs.

To secure the integration of the individuals and groups with an organisation, by reconciling individual/team with those of an organisation in such a manner that the employees feel a sense of involvement, commitment and loyalty towards it.

Our Mission & Values :

The mission of The HR Team is to delight our clients by providing excellent service and quality solutions to support their human resources requirements. To this end, we have established the following core values:
Quality control through the establishment of process guidelines and quality standards for each HR service provided.
Eliminate duplication of effort, increase efficiency and thereby create efficient, cost effective, affordable HR.
Consistent service in everything we do for our clients.
Create a new paradigm in HR outsourcing by pioneering new processes, questioning existing solutions, and thinking forward.
Embracement of the need for employees to constantly learn and develop, beginning with our own staff.
Focus on teamwork and the benefits it brings to every corporate environment.
Honesty, integrity and an exceptional work ethic into everything we do.
Provide human resources expertise that understands business needs.

What We Can Do For You :

We focus on Human Resource Administration, processes and systems, so you can focus on people! As companies are aware, the day-to-day burdens involved in administering benefit and other Human Resource programs are enormous. These burdens are growing dramatically at a time when senior management is asking the HR function to move beyond administration and play a more strategic role in helping their organisations meet broad business objectives.
This is where The HR Company can support you. We can support you and find administration solutions that minimise internal burdens whilst maximising the level of service and support available to your employees.

Looking to build a better workplace environment? Look to the HR Team.
Every service we provide is delivered with the commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations. We take our client relationships seriously and we value the trust you place in us.
Your HR needs and most pressing priorities become our biggest concerns, too. And forget the cookie-cutter approach that other HR firms often take. We bring a holistic approach to HR outsourcing, focused on developing cost-effective human resource solutions that respond specifically to your needs and fit your corporate culture. It’s our great honour to help you create a workplace where your employees are motivated and engaged, resulting in better outcomes and increased profitability. It’s a win-win all the way around.

Our Culture
Culture develops in every organization-in ours as well as in yours.
At The HR Team, we’ve created a positive, cohesive environment rooted in integrity and collaboration. We have profound respect for our clients, as well as for one another. Quality runs rampant here and delivering superior customer service is our ultimate goal. We set the bar high and nothing delights us more than when our clients refer us to their friends and colleagues, trusting that they are in good hands.

Our Team
The HR Team is focused on helping you succeed by taking care of the things that may be distracting you from the bigger picture.
We take a holistic approach to HR outsourcing, creating customized solutions that fit your unique needs and corporate culture. Creating thoughtful human resources strategies and blending them with the best client support available sets us apart from others in our industry. When you choose The HR Team, you have a compassionate partner you can trust for sound HR guidance, now and for the future.


HR Outsourcing
HR Consulting
o Performance Management
o Manager Coaching and Guidance
o Market Compensation
o HR Audits
o Employee Surveys
How do you strike the right balance between the interests of your organization and the needs of your employees?
The HR needs of every industry have one thing in common: they’re focused on people, all of whom have differing, complex needs. However, what differs is the strategy required to effectively develop, implement, and manage industry-specific HR processes. The HR Team works with organizations of varying sizes, industries and sectors, bringing innovative best practices and customized programs designed to nurture your greatest asset: your people.
Whatever your situation, we’ve got a solution that fits. Whether you’re growing and you need a more formal HR process, or you’re seeking some sound advice about employee relations, we have the experience to understand your needs and help you become more efficient. Some of our clients elect to outsource most or all of their HR services to our qualified professionals, while others use our HR consulting solutions to complement their existing team and alleviate their sometimes complicated workload.
We’re proud to serve a variety of industries, ensuring that regardless of the type of organization, we’re equipped to meet your unique HR needs with experience, innovation, and exceptional support.
Trade Associations & Non Profit Organizations
Financial Services
Professional Services
Government Contracting


       We appreciate your interest in the Alfa HR Team.

Shweta Upreti   MBA 
Manager HR (Internship InCharge)
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Swarnima Singh (MBA) 
Head Start-Ups
AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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