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Saturday 6 June 2020


WHY WORK FROM HOME INTERNSHIP IS NECESSARY FOR MANAGEMENT STUDENT                                                   

It is rightly said that “Never stop learning, learning is eternal.” There is a
phase in every students’ life, where he or she has to do the internship so that they can learn how the real-world works. This phase gives a very beautiful experience to every student. They make mistakes, they fall, they stand up again and learn to walk again because there is no shortcut to any place worth going.
For a management student internship is like a “guru gyan” given by the mentor to the student to make them understand how the world out there is working everyday in order to make the world run. 
But looking at todays’ scenario the environment out there is not safe. Due to the global pandemic situation, there is lockdown in most of the countries. If we talk about India, most of the Indian students are stuck at home.
But we don’t have to look at this situation with negativity. If we think critically, this period has given every student ample of time to figure out what they actually need to do in life or what their field of interests are etc. 
A student never stops learning and therefore, work from home internship is very important for management students. They should constantly think and learn new skills in order to develop themselves. They can become more critical, organised, disciplined etc. 
Doing an internship from home is a motivating factor in a way. The student does not have to travel to do the work, they can have the ease of being at home and at the same time work and learn new stuff. Working from one's own comfort zone is a motivating factor and generally attracts most of the students. 
Doing work from home internship, will prepare the student for the coming challenges and give them the courage and ability to deal with it and come out as a prosperous person.  

Kajal Jha

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