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Tuesday 9 June 2020

AirCrews Start-Up Venture

Take a flight in the business industry by starting your own aviation apps, blogging apps, publishing online books and living many more exciting start-up ideas with Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. We believe that every Indian youth has the potential to become a Successful Future Leader. Aircrews has decided to build Future Leaders by providing students cum budding Entrepreneurs complete training and financial aid required for their start-up. 
Moreover, all expenses will be beared by us until your start-up venture starts making profit. For this purpose, we only expect you to invest your valuable time, creativity, hard work, zeal and passion to make this program successful.  

Additionally by creating a blogging app you can start building excitement and suspense about your products in the market. It is also never too early to start collecting leads and building a brand. By publishing books based on varied subjects with your talented team you can spread knowledge, learn teamwork and gain goodwill for your personal brand as well. We welcome all types of business ideas and creative people who are willing to learn and grow together in teams.  

How will our training benefit you?

Taking your first solo flight may be the most satisfying and confidence-building experience of your lifetime but at the same time be very challenging. Hence we give you immense practical training that helps you develop business competencies which are essential for surviving in the business market. Our training help students to acquire expertise in problem solving skills, networking, financial management, content writing, critical thinking, time management, people management, judgement and

decision making.

Why to have your own start-up?

Entrepreneurs never stop learning since they are in the process of lifelong training as running your own business involves taking a lot of risks which in turn leads to constant upgradation of your skills. Entrepreneurship is a field that keeps you sharp and in-demand.

Ø  Prior requirements:
1)      Minimum Qualification required – 
          Graduate from any stream
2)      Prior Internship experience with AirCrews 

Anuja MalkarMBA 
HR Manager

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