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Thursday 18 June 2020

Alfa Media Services

Alfa Media Services


What good in launching a new business, if nobody knows about it? There is tough competition in market as almost everyday new businesses is lauunching. You will be lost in this crowd if you do not take a different and unique way from others.
Media plays a vital role in a business for making its different place from others. So, One must have to take a right approach to PR, marketing, advertising and so on.
The main objective of our startup is to promote digital marketing and online services on mass level and to generate employement among youths of our country who are more familier with technology and Latest gadgets but waste more of their time on the social media doing nothing.
So, our startup is mainly for those students who are dreaming of making their career in the field of digital world. 

At first we need the help of advertising agency so that more and more people will get to know about our business. Advertising can be done in different media like one can print their ad in newspapers and magazines, creat a video for advertising in electronic media and they can advertise their business on social media platform. With this ad on 3 different platforms, more and more people will know about this business.


PR is also a good way to help your business grow. It is a responsibility of a PRO to create a unique angle, focusing on a topic that will give others reason to cover story.
The two ways in which PR approach will work for a business to grow:

They create a unique angle so that journalists and bloggers will find interesting.
Using a services that distributes your business release to a large number of media contact.

PR works for your business on behalf of you and target different categories of audiences that can benefit your business.

Social Media:

Nowadays youngsters are more familier with social media compared to any other media.So social media are so much popular and it has the power to make others popular.On social media, it takes a second to share things. The more people share, the more popular it becomes.


Radio is a type of broadcast media. As we all know, even today most of the indian population lives in rural areas.Not every where TV signals reaches. Radio plays a vital role in giving news to those people who lives in village where newspapers reach after 2/3 days. Those people stays updated what is going on in our country with the help of radios.

Advantages of radio:

Radio is helpful for illeterate people who can not read a newspaper. They listen all the news of the day on radio.
It is also very helpful for blinds people. Who can not even see the graphics and videos on news channels. So they listen news on the radio.

No. Of Team Members: 4

SMM (Social Media Manager)
SEO specialists
PRO (Punlic Relations Officer)

Working Hr.- 9am to 6pm (Monday-Saturday)

Location- Work from home

Shreya Kakkar (BMC)
Asst. Head startups
AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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