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Tuesday 9 June 2020

How to recruit following candidates in this pandemic by Kassandra Dias

How to recruit following candidates in this pandemic

Kassandra Dias

To recruit an SMM, I would first see how eager
they are through their job application. Then I would first ask to see their own social media handles. Someone who is good at managing their own social media will certainly do well for the company. I would conduct a telephone interview where I would ask them about their marketing strategies and what they think would be the most effective way to market during a pandemic.
I would ask them about their social connections and media outreach. After conducting a minor background check on the candidate, I would see if they are eligible for the job or not
Content Writer
Content writing is all about command over the English language and extreme proficiency for the same. Therefore to recruit content writing I would hold a dual process interview.
First I would hold a telephone interview wherein I would ask them to introduce themselves, hobbies, qualifications. This will be done just to check their fluency in English.
For the second part of the interview that would be conducted on Whatsapp, I would ask them to send a few articles written by them to check their writing skills.
Lastly, I would give them a product and ask them to come up with a 3- line product description just to check their writing spontaneity and authenticity.
If they qualify for all the criteria, I would consider them eligible for the job.

An SEO executive should have prior experience in the field. Apart from being good at his job he needs to possess relevant leadership qualities too.
To recruit an SEO, I would shortlist candidates to conduct a telephone interview after seeing their applications and qualifications.
Over the telephone interview I would ask them their opinion on current market SEO strategies and what changes would they make if they were in charge? Another important question I would ask them is how would they optimize the company webpage and make it more visible to the audience.
Doing a background check on candidates before hiring them is essential. It is important to check for the authenticity of their resume and to see the previous companies they have worked in. As a recruiter it is important that you are 100% sure of the employee you hire.

Kassandra Dias
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