Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gamesys: Jackpotjoy Reveals: Brits are in a Laughter Recession!

Job numbers up, but recession unemployment persists
CBS News
"Think about what we've come off of, the deepest part of post-war recession, and we're adding 100,000 jobs a month," Meyer said. "It's not sufficient." Much of the drop in unemployment rate is attributed to the growth in part-time jobs. Amie Crawford ...
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CBS News
Brace for worst earnings since recession rebound
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — This earnings season threatens to be one of the roughest since U.S. companies started to pull themselves out of the Great Recession — even if, as usual, results don't live up to the worst of the gloom-and-doom forecasts.
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“You Don't Raise Taxes In A Recession
The Plank on (blog)
The United States wasn't in recession in 2010. It was in recovery. A weak recovery, to be sure, but by the start of 2010 the recession had been over for more than six months. Why would Obama be talking about what you do in a recession when the ...
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The Plank on (blog)
Gamesys: Jackpotjoy Reveals: Brits are in a Laughter Recession!
Sacramento Bee
New independent research commissioned by leading entertainment website, reveals that Brits are experiencing a 'laughter recession'. In the last 60 years 2010 has been voted the least fun decade. This is why Jackpotjoy launches its new ...
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Women have been slower to get jobs back than men, but they're starting to pull ...
Washington Post (blog)
Delicious. Men have lost more jobs than women over the course of the recession—in large part because male-dominated industries like construction have suffered some of the most dramatic drops. But male employment has also recovered at a faster pace.
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The Unemployment Rate Drop Does Not Change My Recession Outlook
Business Insider
Employment is above the total just prior to the 2001 recession, and about where it was in 2005. Nonfarm Employment - Payroll Survey Monthly Changes - Seasonally Adjusted click on any chart for sharper image. Between January 2008 and February 2010, ...
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BoJ stands pat, keeps powder dry as recession risk looms
Business Recorder (blog)
Despite mounting signs that sagging exports to China and Europe may nudge Japan into recession, central bankers preferred to wait and assess the effect of stimulus unveiled just last month, and save their limited options for now. Underscoring ...
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Number of the Week: 2.4 Million Found Jobs Last Month
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The second thing that becomes clear is how great a disruption the recent recession created. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, certain aspects of the monthly job movements were remarkably consistent: A quarter to a third of the unemployed found jobs each ...
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September Labor Force Participation Rate Remains at Post-Recession Bottom
The Desert Sun (blog)
September Labor Force Participation Rate Remains at Post-Recession Bottom. Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: Morris Beschloss | Filed under: Economics. At first blush, it would seem that the drop below the 8% unemployment rate (7.8%) would indicate ...
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