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Wednesday 3 October 2012

5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn's Company Page Redesign

Thingsquare Selects Development Tools from IAR Systems for the Internet of ...
The Herald |
IAR Systems' embedded software development tool chain gives Thingsquare and its customers the compact and highly efficient code that is fundamental when smart objects communicate with each other via the Internet. Thingsquare and its customers ...
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Gov't builds Android-based network to study cyber disruptions (blog)
sandia fritz 150x150 Govt builds Android based network to study cyber disruptions The work is expected to result in a software tool that will allow others in the cyber research community to model similar environments and study the behaviors of ...
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Microsoft Internet Explorer Triggers Benchmark Battle
Midsize Insider
... browser benchmarking tool called RoboHornet. The project is still in the alpha development stage, but Microsoft is already displeased. According to Redmond, RoboHornet is a "micro-benchmark" and no way to test Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.
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5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn's Company Page Redesign
Internet Evolution
LinkedIn is more than just a great tool for recruiting and job hunting. While B2C companies have a 39 percent success rate using the Website, B2B companies using LinkedIn for customer acquisition see a success rate of 61 percent. But until recently ...
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Iran Removes Gmail Block
Iran Removes Gmail Block. Iranian government says it will soon introduce its own search and webmail tools. But YouTube remains indefinitely blocked. By Mathew ... We wanted to block YouTube and Gmail was also blocked, which was involuntary," Mohammad ...
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China's Access to Foreign Based Social Networking Sites Still Low
Voice of America
Online social networking services with servers located outside China, like Twitter and Facebook, can only be accessed using circumvention tools. A virtual private network, or VPN, for example, is a technology that protects Internet communication ...
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