Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Post CoVid19 Work Double Get Half

Post CoVid19 Work Double Get Half  
Since the economy has taken a big hit on the global level, many people fear loss of job and if they do so it will effect the whole family as there are families depending on one person. Therefore instead of so many loss of jobs which will make many people suffer, there might be a pay cut in everyone's salary. This will get people something rather than nothing. It will be done so that others are not at 100% loss. As many people have dedicated their efforts and time towards the company, it is the responsibility of the company to keep their employee's well being in mind.
Even though working at 100% capacity everyone will be paid half so that there is no burden on company and rest of the employees also get their salary post Covid.
This will be a win-win situation as no one will have to leave the job and stay without an income and also this will help the company to rise up in monetary terms as there has been a decline in the business growth in many sectors.

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