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AirCrews Start-Up Venture

Take a flight in the business industry by starting your own aviation apps, blogging apps, publishing online books and living many more exciting start-up ideas with Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. We believe that every Indian youth has the potential to become a Successful Future Leader. Aircrews has decided to build Future Leaders by providing students cum budding Entrepreneurs complete training and financial aid required for their start-up.  Moreover, all expenses will be beared by us until your start-up venture starts making profit. For this purpose, we only expect you to invest your valuable time, creativity, hard work, zeal and passion to make this program successful.   Additionally by creating a blogging app you can start  building excitement and suspense about your products in the market. It is also never too early to start collecting leads and building a brand. By publishing books based on varied subjects with your talented team you can spread knowledge, learn teamwork and

Meeting with Mr. Michael Donald a United States VC and IT Professional

Meeting with Mr. Michael Donald a United States VC and IT Professional Flight : 9W / S2 - 2654 Route  : DEL - BPL ETA    : 0805 Date   : 24 Feb 2014 It should have been a very Fine start of the week on a Monday morning. I got up at 03:00 o'clock that day. I had to drive down to Bhopal for a meeting with a United States professional, Mr. Michael Donald. We were going to carve out an important deal which was supposed to determine the future of my organisation as-well-as his.  Winters returned suddenly in Indore, in fact the entire North India, bringing with  it a chilly breeze. Because of a sudden change in climate, I had caught little  cough and cold with a hay fever. My wife, Mrs. Samira Surbhi Gupta, had advised me to postpone this meeting but  since Mr. Donald was coming to Bhopal for only a day and had no plans to coming to Indore, a postponement would have meant a cancellation of the deal and also a bad impression. So, I decided to go ahead and started for Bhopal a