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Friday 29 May 2020



The different ways to promote the career counselling would be ;-

1. Connect with career websites 
We can connect with already established websites on google that provide with career goals and try and putting out posters on those websites so that the young age people are directed towards us and also most young age people would trust the established google sites since they are established and this could add value to our company since many people would visit our website too and our traffic would gradually increase.

2. Collaborate with schools & Colleges
In order to provide more knowledge to students for their career goals and as we as a company wish to make a difference is we can directly connect with schools or collages and influence them on how we can change the children mindset and make them go on a correct path and this could help us improve our brand image as a company too.

3. Instagram
Our very famous friend Instagram will help us connect to young age people as most young age children spend more then 2 to 3 hours at an average on Instagram and are most likely yo get influenced by it and so we can put some attractive and interactive posts and story to engage with them and provide them with the exact knowledge they wish to know and help them build their future.

4. Testimonials
Try and connect with the students we have already provided the guidance and get testimonials from them and put it up on the social media handles or get them along in those meeting as they could connect with this generation the best and can know what is going on their mind and accordingly execute a plan.

5. Twitter 
We should post some great content regarding career counselling in order to show we are equipped in this field and ensure to the students we can provide them with great counselling and we can also retweet some educational questions to make our mark and we can provide the link to our career counselling page to increase the awareness.

6. Facebook
Facebook's traffic is decreased over the years nevertheless just to be relevant and ensure we get those extra 2 3 people we will also market our posters and links on Facebook.

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