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Saturday 23 May 2020

Difference between Covid-19 and Coronavirus

Difference between Covid-19 and Coronavirus

·       Novel coronavirus is a name of the disease and covid-19 is a respiratory system which is when a person gets high fever cold and cough.

·       Coronavirus patient sometimes doesn’t have any symptom and can easily be cured and can become corona negative soon while in the case of Covid-19, the symptoms are visible and  person can enter the worst stage of Covid-19

·       They both are the stages.

·       Coronavirus positive is not dangerous and it can be cured easily while Covid-19 is quite dangerous and ways for treating covid-19 is necessary.

·       So basically, coronavirus is the first stage which shows that they have virus in their body which can be cured in 10-14 days while covid-19 is the last stage which shows that the person is infected too great extent.

·       The only cure for this disease is social distancing, wearing mask and sanitizing the things.


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