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Monday 11 May 2020

Maintenance Day

Maintenance Day

Good Morning Team
How are you all doing? I know you might be expecting traditional worksheet but hey it is not. Today Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is celebrating ‘Maintenance Day’.
What is that?
You are expected to click your pictures (work from home with company logo). You have to click pictures showing our company logo and giving message that work from home is fun and not boring.  In nutshell, you have to think out of box and serve it into the plate. 
You need to be very creative and innovative in your work. 
For reference: 
But what is the relation of clicking pictures with word maintenance??
Wait wait! 
You can make a PPT Presentation Or an  Article on the topic 
"Why Maintenance is needed in an Organisation and in Daily Life" 
or telling “What is Maintenance Day”.
And, yes at 1600 hours, don’t forget to watch webinar by Dipika Singh and make summary on same. Also, stay tuned after the webinar as we have a Very Exciting Announcement for you all.

Send your work from 1700 hours to 1800 hours to

Keep smiling and take good care of yourself.

Ankita Suvarna [MBA HR]
Manager HR [Incharge internship]
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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