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Sunday 17 May 2020

8 Idiots

8 Idiots
All it started in college of Dehradun for Pilots Training. Where new faces as been seen after long period. So as far all we knew that freshers have been ragging from Seniors. we can say that it been traditional to show power of seniors on juniors. So, they were lots of new faces in one row among from them 8 new faces which were also there.  They were intelligent in their own skills and talents which make unique from others. First is Shahid Ali who was from middle class family and is very good in mathematics by looking at answer he can say whether its right or wrong by having bit glance on it and also very good in computers and come through scholarship to the college. Second is Rajeev Khandelwal who is from rich family but not interested in studies but due to family tradition he has to come here, he is good in music can play any instrument. Third is Ganpat Bahadur is from typical Maharashtrian family who wants to be a pilot, wants to fulfill dad’s dreams. Forth is Ravi Pratap who is from royal family who has some rules and regulation towards life and career. They do as they parents wants them to do. Fifth is Amit Fokat from middle class family and obedient one and intelligent too. When ever there is biggest problem arrive, he solved it with his presence of mind and have solutions over it? Sixth is Ajay Garg have a chilled nature never thing about future just go with flow with his positive aura and very much good in photography which makes him happy by clicking pictures. Seventh is Navin Kejriwal is another boy who is not at all interested in pilot training but due family pressure he has to come here, but good in painting and have good sense of humor. People around him will always be happy. Eighth is Gagan Sethi is also from rich family but he is interested in dancing but due to brother wish he has come here. And he has lost his parents when he was 10 years old, he’s whole family is only his brother, he can do anything to fulfill his brother’s dream.
This are the 8 idiots which destiny brings them together for pilot training. Among from them they were least interested in training, or not having any option due to circumstances or we can   say that they are here by themselves to achieve something in life. They come here by all strangers now they have another family. Which bends them stronger together till training finishes they come very closer to each other by this training time they were like family which they make here with full of memories.

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