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Monday 11 May 2020

What is a Blog? Why is blogging considered as an important part of Social Media

Even in the 2020s, not everyone is familiar with the concept of blog and blogging. Most people are still confused between blogs and websites. Today's article is all about the meaning of blog, the history of blog, the difference between a blog and a website and why blogging is an important part of social media.
What is a blog?
A blog derived from the word Weblog, is an online journal where writers or a group of writers share their views on a particular subject. It is logging of one’s ideas, experiences, thoughts and more.
Your blog represents you on the social platform. You can personalize your blog with different themes, colors and pictures that fits you. There are many reasons to start a blog. It could either be for business purposes or personal purpose. Blogging might bring you money depending upon your content.
The appearance of blogs has changed over time and nowadays blog include different items. But most blogs have some standard features and structures such as,
1. Header - title of the blog or a photograph and the main navigation menu - Home, About, Contact
2. Body - the main content area
3. Sidebar - widgets and highlighted things such as favorite links, popular post, a subscription option, recent post and social media tools.
4. Footer - content that doesn't change such as links to About me and Contact me.
History of Blogging

The concept of Blog was first introduced by Justin Hall a student in the year 1994. the first blog consisted of his thoughts, ideas and links to websites he liked as well as his own work. Many others as well followed Hall's footsteps and wrote about their lives and thoughts.
Blog was then termed as "Online Diaries" or "Personal Pages".
In the year 1997, John Barger coined the term "Weblog" to describe his sites. In the early stages, blogs were created by programmers and focused on highly technical subjects. This changed in the year 1998 when Jonathan Dube became the first journalist to blog an event. His blog recorded a history for ' The Charlotte Observer '
In 1998, there was another creation of "Open Diary", a blogging platform that offered the members of the community to comment on each other's writing. This is the very first tool that makes blogging accessible to the regular people.
Introduction of Blogging platforms
In 1999, the word "weblog" was dropped for a similar word "blog" by Peter Merho. There were three new blogging platforms introduced - Xanga, Livejournal and Blogger.
Xanga focused on the social side of blogging (similar to myspace) and boasted 300,000 users but faded out of the blogging world entirely.
Livejournal started as a website where Bard Fitzpatrick could keep in touch with his high school friends. This platform quickly grew into a place where all kinds of people recorded their thoughts and spoke about their lives.
Blogger was created by Pyra Labs. It began its life as a Commercial blogging service. In 2003, Blogger was purchased by Google. This was a drastic step which changed the world of blogging. This move not only pushed the bloggers but also the regular people in the world of blogging.  

What is the difference between blogs and website?
Majority of people are not able to differentiate a blog and a website. Blogs need frequent updates for example a Travel Blog. A travel company or travel blogger will publish blogs on different destinations on timely basis. However a website is different. Website doesn't need timely updates. Website owners will rarely update their website. A website consist details about the company and their products for example a hotel website. The content on the blog has a potential to offer information about any subject every day, week or month. This is the unique feature about a blog. Websites don't change for months or years sometimes unless the company plans to upgrade their website.


Why is blogging an important part of the social media?
Social Media and Blogging are not two different platforms. A blog helps you to built a strong audience of people who are interested in your subjects and who will make sure to read your blogs every time you publish it. However, that's not the case with social media. Social media will help you built a bigger audience for that matter however, not every social media follower would be interested in your content. It's more like quality over quantity.
Blogging without social media is merely impossible. In-order to built your network, you need to take help from social media. You won't believe most famous icons like Komal Pandey the Fashion blogger, Tanya Khanijow the Travel blogger, Mini Ikon the Influencer & Travel blogger where once common people like us. What make them famous? The answer is Social Media.

Blogging is thus considered to be an important part of Social media.

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