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Sunday 28 January 2018

Ingela Kidwai

 Ingela Kidwai born in Lucknow, UP, India and brought up in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she has completed her schooling 10th standard and 12th standard from International Indian School Jeddah and then went back to India to pursue her higher studies. She is an MPA (Master of Public Administration) student. She passed out of college in 2016 since then she is actively searching for a job in Human Resource Management field were she can gain some work experience and share her ideas and views regarding it.During her academy she was a very active student and participated in many extra curricular activities like she was appointed as Proctor of Reading Room (2013-2014) Event-In-Charge for Sir Syed Day Celebration in (2015) which is one of the biggest celebration held in Aligarh every year.
Then she appointed as a volunteer for Hall Week Event in ( 2015). Ingela has a great interest in sports especially in Cricket so she participated in many sports activities like Cricket matches, Two-leg race, Lemon and Spoon race. Ingela kidwai loves travelling to different destinations and explore new things and new culture of that particular place. She is a person with positive attitude even if she faces an calamity she keeps a positive approach and always keeps on smiling. She is foodie who likes experimenting on food of different cuisines. She thinks that Human Resource Department is one of the most essential department in any organization, industry because it is this department that handles all the grievances related to employees relation and any other matter relating to employee or company. Ingela goes on to say that If any organization makes an effort to make their employees feel comfortable and a feeling of belongingness and also appreciating the work of the employees or rewards them through bonus, increase in salary or a holiday makes the employee feel recognized then the employee will work with devotion to fulfill the objectives of the organization. Ingela believes that nothing is impossible to achieve in this world with hard work and core dedication and also believes that their is no age bar for learning anything new. Finally she mentions that in all stages of life a person learns and experiences something new or the other and life is all about ups and downs. 


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