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Tanvi Agarwal

The pic above itself shows the real character of a girl who is passionate enough to conquer over her dreams. She is Tanvi Agarwal pursuing her graduate degree in B. Tech , Computer Science and Engineering branch from G. B. P. I. E. T., Ghurdauri. She is in second year.

Tanvi seems to be a kind of a girl who is focused at some or other thing each time she appears. It is like her journey never ends, no obstacles could hinder on her way towards her desire. She is a 'writing freak'. Let me elaborate:
She loves to write poetry, quotes, nano tales and many more. Here are some pics of her work:
A nano tale she posted on Mirakee(an exclusive app for writers to express their thoughts out).

A quote posted on YourQuotes(another app for writers).
She is a blogger too at
The best thing in her is her determination. She follows a tagline which is the name of her facebook page and her copyright too i.e. Being Alive. She strictly follows this and stay happy alive. She likes to learn new things and add up to her knowledge. Not just writing freak she too is a techno geek. Last year she went for coaching of programming language  Java , also she knows C, C++,HTML,CSS. 

No matter how hard is life she does not stop anyway. She isn't a kind of person who can sit pondering and just pondering about doing this and that. If she doesn't get one thing, she searches for another alternative.
Though she isn't a perfect photographer, still she never misses a chance to click something that soothes her soul.

Her motive in life is:
"Stop not till you achieve what's your desire because ambition is a sort of obligation but dreams are way beyond, dreams are those which gives wings and independence to fly high, higher and highest." 


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