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Monday 29 January 2018

Swetha Maria John

Swetha is a funloving compassionate girl who hails from the city of Cochin.  She is currently pursuing her 4th year of graduation in Law at School of Legal Studies, Cochin University Of Science and Technology,Kerala. By academics she might be a law student but by passion she is a hardcore writter. Her love for writing started when she was a kid and was a huge fan of fictional stories. The idea of creating and getting into a new magical world through words has always facinated her. 
Being a 4 feet 11 inch girl she was always teased about her height and there was a time when she dreamt of having long beautiful sexy legs just like her peers.
But in later stage of life she realized being a short girl is not something to be worried about and there is a beauty in embracing our own bodies. She started noticing that many people around her who doesnt qualify in to the stereotypical beauty standards are having a the same inferiority feeling just like her. It was then she make use of her passion to imbibe the vibes of body positivity. Every individual is unique and beautiful in thier own way regardless of thier skin or shape and that every one can look good if she decides to carry her well with confidence. She believes that everyone could be stylish and it is a high time to redefine those cliche indian beauty standards. And she wish to bring back the confidence in them by her words and to work as a fashion blogger.
Other than a writer she is also a trained Bharathanatyam dancer who has bagged plenty of awards in the state and national platforms.
She is also blessed with the skill of public speaking and hosted many events as an Anchor. She is possed with the experience of working as an H.R intern at a leading marketing firm based on Cochin.  She posses a love for travel and music and prefers beaches rather than mountains. 
She believes that "the only person who is in between the one who you are and the one whom you want to become is you.
And there is no point waiting for a savior to come an making our dreams come true. If you want to make it big in this world hardwork in the  key".

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