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Saturday 6 January 2018

Fathmath Minha Adam

Fathmath Minha Adam, ( You can call her Minha ),  is a strong woman, with hard working spirit. She does her work on time, punctuality is her middle name. She likes to always keep her self busy. She always keeps her social media updated and is always aware of what’s happening around because she is very socially active. She did her schooling in Cathedral High School, Bangalore, she did her PUC in Christ Junior College, Bangalore. She also has a Diploma in aviation which she passed with 77% and got the highest in her class. Now she is doing her 2nd year degree in CMR University and has taken BA Honors in English, Psychology and Sociology. 
She is a very athletic too. She has won gold medals in school for running, and a runners-up trophy in state level netball, but most of all her favourite sport is basketball.

She is from Maldives, and has been living in Bangalore for almost 10 years. 
She is very outdoorsy, and gets along with every one. 
She has had a lot of ups and downs in her life that no one could imagine, and yet she is standing strong and fighting to make her future bright with every she does. 
She is very creative. She makes dreams catchers, she loves to doodle.
She has also travelled to a few countries, but that was before social media, so she couldnt show it to anyone of her followers. But she loves to travel and looooves food. 
Her mind is full of dreams and has got many goals to achieve in her life. 
We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. 

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Twitter: @PsyNunnu
Instagram: Minnie.minns

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