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Monday 29 January 2018

FAQ Team Alfa Bloggers,

FAQ Team Alfa Bloggers, 

1) Why should I have Social Media Accounts ?
Social Media Accounts are more of how you handle yours.  Its more like which side of yours you want to be showcased.  Its a platform to socialize,  like,  share and comment down on the topics you and your colleagues might love talking or discussing about. A painter can add series of his/her paintings and get appreciated from friends and followers.  There could be infinite such examples where people can use Social Media accounts to their advantage but personally for me its a platform where I share my space with friends of varied backgrounds. Knowing about what's in trend to seeking solutions to my professional and personal problems all gets sorted as I use the account in a right way and showcasing the sides of mine I want.  I think having a Social Media account is like an asset if you use it appropriately. 

2) Why my Original Pictures are required for this profile ?
After I completed my 6 day training as a HR trainee at alfa bloggers, I realized that it is not just a blog that promotes or spreads the word things just to earn money but has a really huge motive behind. 
The team is working for huge cause i. e. Employing more and more no. of women workers in the area they are less known for working and spread the word that women have the capacity to achieve whatever they wish for.  The causes are so amazing but for general public to believe and make it as quick as possible they require people with authentic identity and their original photos will always be an added advantage for a Team like this.  Cause people always want to believe in true stories and to fulfill that originals are required. 

3)How is it possible to Work from Home?
With technology growing so much the world has become a small place. 
From voice calls to video calls everything is possible today.  This has actually opened a new opportunity of Online business and thus with so much connectivity all around the world,  it has made it possible for the people to work just by sitting at home without actually coming to the office. 

4) What after completing this Internship?
If selected as an intern it would be great experience and exposure to a whole new world for me.  From communicating to marketing to socializing it would all together be at a different level. After completing this internship if provided an opportunity I would love to continue it. 

5) Why my Bio is uploaded on  ?
So as to make believe that the Alfa Bloggers team is not just any other blog around.  It has a team of various backgrounds and cultures who all have their own stories and their stories are true and authentic. That person linked to this blog are all true and are not just a set of random monotonous people.  They actually work for their passion. 

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