Nandini Busireddy

Growing up seeing my dad, who is a teacher, I always loved going to school. I would swiftly complete the class tasks
and consequently the responsibility of monitoring the class would be given to me. I adored that position and finished
my tasks even readily. Eventually I was unianiously elected as the class leader. Little did I know that it was those
moments of choice that determined my destiny. When I was eight, due to my agile nature, I had a severe hand injury.
The vicissitude refrained me from sports, one of the reasons for my love to school. But, my dad believed that
extracurricular activities are necessary for overall development as an individual and made me a part of Jana Vignana Vedika. 

I further refined my hobbies of reading and singing during that period.I completed the introductory course in
music by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Education has made difference to my parents who struggled to become the first graduates in their respective families.
Cognizant of this, I worked diligently to top my seventh standard board exams and was offered admission in to a
residential program free of cost. I took advantage of this opportunity and it was there, I learnt the value of networking,
exchanging thoughts and standing up for oneself. Later, in tenth boards, I happened to be the first student from that
school to secure state rank. I received esteemed Prathibha award for the same.

I did my graduation from VIT University. The diversity and the wide array of opportunities made me adept at my soft
skills besides equipping me with cogent technical finesse. I joined as a core committee member of IETE student
chapter and Energy and Environmental Protection Club as they are in line with my interests. Association with these
organisations helped me discern the efforts that go behind a successful event. I was commended for organizing
SYNERGY, a National Level Symposium, an intiative by IETE during that year, on a successful note. Besides, I used
to volunteer for the community radio. These skills came in handy while executing group assignments and projects.

When we know what we want, it's not hard to decide. My internal inclination made me choose management electives
and I secured maximun GPA in that semester. For all these efforts, I received merit award for academic excellence.
Before pursuing PGP in Management, I felt that relevant work experience is necessary. So I chose to join ABB as a
Management trainee over other offers. I happened to work on tenders and in operational development activities where
I learnt the significance of time management, delegation of tasks, coordination between various teams and clients.
However to achieve fast paced growth and to be at the helm of the field, multifacets of management are critical. Being
at the prime of my learning stage,this is the right time for me to purue PGP in Management.

Nandini Busireddy Looking forward to work with AlfaBloggers as HR Intern.



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