Android App Internship

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Ref to your reply for an Intern for   www.AlfaBloggers.comOrganisation is such platform that welcomes all the members who are active on their Social Media Sites and could earn money and they get benefitted with nice experience of being a part of this company. Especially the woman who is at home can take this wonderful opportunity. There are a number of blogs for this company such as where all the motivation blogs can be written and help readers to guide on a rightful path, place where to get a new talent,this blog is recognising those women who have come up and reached so many things and others to learn from them, there is no dream that can not come true if a girl really wishes to achieve. Educating your followers there is a wide scope of e-learning nowadays and people are preferring them rather going and attending classes this is saving a allot of time and money as well. Reviews of the products there can be people out there who can be technology…

Aradhika Kapoor

Aradhika Kapoor- Creative Optimistic and curious girl ,born in city of Amritsar is pursuing her education from Chandigarh University in Mass Communication and Journalism. she has made it a point to strive for hers goals which were nothing less than her grandest dream. One her college dream is to work for a fashion and a travel brand. she loves the idea of going around new places , meeting and interacting with new faces and understand life with new a vision.  As for now she is taking strides in making her imagination become reality.
She is working as a Fashion marketer with a vision to enter into the world of business and hoping to establish herself into it. She has a unique vision towards life , for her travel is the best way to learn and experience life. she has learned greatest lessons of life from her short  travel trips to various places and visits. leisure time is all devoted to novels as they take you to the world away from your boring routine. She is multi-talented and have a …

Work at Home for 60 Womans

Work at Home for 60 Womans 
Ed Qua. Required : 
Min Graduate :
BE /BCA/ BBA / MBA [Mktg]
No Prior Exp Required 
Age : 21Yrs - 35Yrs.
PAN Card / Aadhar 
Earning : 
INRs 15,000 - 25,000 Per Month
Sharing : 10% to 50% 
Interested candidate can share their 
Social Media Profile 
+91 9977513452

As of now We needs Only 60 Persons  for this month . Selection is based on your Activity on Social Media and ability to Think Out of the Box. 

Please send us your 3rd Person Bio  [No Attachments please] and few clear Pics with following details. 

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E Mail Ids :

For further details, Plz Call us on 

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Devika Beesetti

Devika Beesetti is a Freelancer. She has completed her B.Tech Professional degree in the year 2014 with an Aggregate of 71.29%.

She is good at communication skills,analytical skills to help organisation in its product process and growth. Devika Beesetti is a keen observer. She knows MS Office well and have a knowledge in computer related web technologies like html,wordpress,css.
She have received an appreciation certificate for Engineers without Borders Student Chapter program.
Devika Beesetti earned another appreciation certificate for National Level Techbical Symposium of aikya 2k12. She has participated in Google partner Makeintern Affiliate Marketing certification program.
She is a quick learner.
Details are given below to reach her.
       Name         :   Devika Beesetti        Gmail         :
Twitter :
 She is currently a Hom…

Priyanka Chugh

Priyanka Chugh

Priyanka Chugh is a woman who is still exploring and getting to know herself.She has completed her Bachelors in Commerce (H) and is now looking forward to pursuing an MBA with specialization in Finance. She has always had a passion for sports and has participated in both on-track and off-track events. She loves to read and write, and has been profoundly influenced by the lives and investing styles of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger whom she considers as her teachers but not role models as she believes that everybody has a unique personality. She is continuously working and striving to build her latticework of mental models, following the path of Charlie Munger who has taught her to gain big models from various fields--Biology, Psychology, Maths, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, History, etc as to a man with a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. She has been a quiet listener all her life, never a writer but now wants to experience the world of writing and blogging a…