Importance of Hashtags

The Importance of #Hashtags  :- When a new App, Blog, Company or Person starts a Twitter, Instagram, or Google + Account, many are confused about the use and meaning of the "Hashtags [###]." One of the most Frequently asked questions I get when I work with Companies with no Social Media background is about Hash-Tags.
Do they serve a purpose?  Is it Mandatory to "hashtag" every word? Is it Professional? What keywords do I hash-tag?
A lot of my Social Media skills over the past six years have come through trial and error. One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first Created a Twitter account was not using hashtags. If you scroll through your Twitter list, look at Instagram pictures or certain articles on Google +, you see that some words are being hashed. The reason behind this is simple, yet complex.
Once you hashtag a word with Twitter, Instagram and Google +, all Account users can see it. It goes into the world of hashtags. This allows users who are not following y…

Certificate of Internship Lubna Anjum

Certificate of Internship

This is to Certify Ms. Lubna Anjum , a student of Journalism has successfully completed Social Media Marketing  Internship with Alfa Bloggers group from 5th Feb’ 2018 to 5th March 2018. She has been very responsive throughout her Internship. 

We found her very helpful in all our Projects.

We Wish her Good Luck!

Nidhi Jain
Genral Manager Operations
AlfaBloggers Group

This is a Computer Generated Certificate  Do not required Signature

Vaishali Garg

Vaishali Garg, a passionate writer, an enthusiastic person, a dreamer, a believer and a reader. She was born and brought up in Delhi. In educational terms, she pursued BBA from NDIM Delhi, and MBA (HR) from Alagappa University and is currently pursuing MA (English) from IGNOU University. After working with one of the top most reputed online education company, she started her career as a freelance writer in various niches. It has been 4 years and today, she is working with various sites as well as companies; and has been renowned for her creativity, efforts and hard work she has been putting in her projects. Moreover, she is working as an editor/proofreader for many companies. The journey wasn't easy but if one has the passion to achieve something, then ‘Yes! Dreams do come true.’ Vaishali is not a person who just loves working and earn. She enjoys her life to the fullest.  During her leisure time, she likes to surf the internet and love to spend most of her time reading, blogging, a…

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