Shubhangi Bhatia

Shubhangi is an English Literature graduate and is currently pursuing her Masters in Mass Communication. She likes to think of herself as a thinker. A bit of a dreamer. But she likes to be an avid doer. She yearns to travel, to see the world and change it, maybe.

She adores the quirky play of words and wishes to explore new horizons with them. She likes to pen down her stories and experiences and loves reading books because it gives her an opportunity to escape into the lives of the characters.
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Naga Madhavi

Here you go,She is Naga Madhavi who has graduated from National Institute of Technology,Raipur a well known institute in Central India.This makes her a graduated engineer but her passion is something different .She wants to explore and travel around the world and create memories and experiences so that she could cherish for her life time which is quite unusual for her ambitious age.Well she thinks one need to have a sense of humour as well as a quick escape from reality in order to find peace.Who doesnt want peace right ?  Indeed this way of her thinking made her to travel more and more.Her bucket list is mostly wishes that include travelling in particular related to history , water.Its not she is  the heir of the poseidon,its just she is very fond of fantasy and fiction movies.She looks forward to travel all around the world and tell the world about her experience because this is not a magical place like hogwarts where dead men do tell tales  !!
Last but not least her hobbies include…

Vaishali Singh

So, there is this girl called Vaishali Singh. She is crazy and fun to be with. She's a bundle of joy and spreads smiles anywhere and everywhere she goes. Vaishali belongs to a small part of the big state i.e. Uttar Pradesh, called Azamgarh.  Academically, She has done her Bachelors Of Technology in Electronics & Communication, Delhi and Masters of Engineering in Wireless Communications, Manipal. Apparently, she has spent the best academic year of her life in Manipal, the party town of South Karnataka.
It was in Manipal where she realized to show the world her art of writing. She used to be a closet poet till then. She had participated in a University level blogging competition and won the first prize. After that, there was no looking back. As of now, she is a content writer for BLINKSOWONDER and also a Software Engineer in an IT firm. So yea! she's an engineer you guys, don't stereotype too soon.
Apart from all these, She has completed her graduation in Hindustani Vo…

Female Co Founders and CMO

Finally it's time to expand our operations and now we are looking for a Female Person, Co Founders and CMO who can handle the pressure along with the obvious benefits
Who are we?
We are a Group of many Tech Start-ups from #Indore and #Bhopal with 60+ strong team members without a Single Office All Work From Home Concept. That too without funding, i.e we bootstrapped it completely  !

What we expect from  Co Founders ?
A Co Founders who can provide Sound Technical Leadership in all aspects of our Business. You will communicate with employees, stakeholders and customers to ensure our company’s Technologies are used appropriately.
Strategic thinking and strong business acumen are essential in this  role. 
We expect you to be well-versed in current technological trends and  familiar with a variety of business concepts.  If you are also an excellent communicator and public speaker, we’d  like to meet you.
What we are looking for in our Ideal Co Founders ?
Proven experience as…

Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi Agarwal Best Travel Blogger of Asia Alfa Travel Blog
Nidhi Agarwal, a woman who inspires the youth of today to think out of the box and do something really creative. She is the founder of Kaaryah,  a brand of western, non-casual wear for Indian women  which aims in providing the best possible fit with its 18 sizes. The brand aims to bridge the gap between western formals and the Indian silhouette. She is anMBA student from  Kellogg School of Management, and a certified Chartered Accountant. Nidhi decided to found Kaaryah back in 2010 when she was working as a strategy consultant. The idea of KAARYAH struck her mind when she mistakenly spilled Coffee on herself on the way to the airport for a client meeting. That was a struggling moment for Nidhi to replace her shirt with
a simple white shirt of a right fit at the mall. That experience triggered her to found Kaaryah. Nidhi Agarwal has made an effort by talking to 113 investors on phone,  in-person and through emails over 365 days for her v…

Sweta Singh

Sweta Singh is a 22 Year Young  girl with fully deducated to her work in which she is trying to experience new things. Shweta is from Dehradoon She is presently pursuing PGDM from Doon Business School and also doing extra  certifications courses to enhance her knowledge in the fiels of HR.There has been many hurdles in my life but I stayed stubborn about my goals and flexbile about my methods.                   
Nidhi Jain  General Manager Operations Alfa Bloggers Group…