By   Brishti Mukherjee

Unhindered internet is the rule that administrations should command Internet specialist co-ops to treat all information on the Internet the same, and not segregate or charge contrastingly by client, content, site, stage, application, sort of joined gear, or technique for communication. For example, under these standards, web access suppliers can't convey content custom-made to the capacities of a particular gadget or client, offer free administrations or to deliberately piece, back off or charge cash for particular sites and online substance. A generally referred to case of an infringement of unhindered internet standards was the Internet specialist organization Comcast's mystery abating ("throttling") of transfers from distributed record sharing (P2P) applications by utilizing fashioned packets. Comcast did not quit obstructin…

Prasoona B N

She is an BBM finance graduate ,and is from Mysuru , Karnataka ,she has excellent communication skills and is very presentable ,she can convince and negotiate with the customers efficiently.
Facebook- Prasoona sharma Linkedin - Prasoona b n Twitter-prasoona69

Sukriti Dilwaria

Sukriti Dilwaria hails from Delhi but carries a part of every city she has been to due to her father's  frequent transfers. She has completed her schooling from Army Public School franchise in almost seven different  cities of India. She is currently  based in Jaipur pursuing a bachelor's course in Psychology (Hons.) from Manipal   University. 
 Her interest in psychology grew after she had the opportunity to learn about the subject through an in-school workshop. She has recently conducted a research paper in the field of psychology and aspires to continue growing in the field. Sukriti aspires to pursue a career in clinical psychology and is also willing to appear for civil services examination. She is proficient in English and managing social media accounts. She has strong managerial, organisational and technical skills. Her love for helping people shows through her active participation in an NGO called Gramiksha. She is fond of dogs and is also a big-time foodie. When she i…

Tanvi Agarwal

The pic above itself shows the real character of a girl who is passionate enough to conquer over her dreams. She is Tanvi Agarwal pursuing her graduate degree in B. Tech , Computer Science and Engineering branch from G. B. P. I. E. T., Ghurdauri. She is in second year.
Tanvi seems to be a kind of a girl who is focused at some or other thing each time she appears. It is like her journey never ends, no obstacles could hinder on her way towards her desire. She is a 'writing freak'. Let me elaborate: She loves to write poetry, quotes, nano tales and many more. Here are some pics of her work: A nano tale she posted on Mirakee(an exclusive app for writers to express their thoughts out).
A quote posted on YourQuotes(another app for writers). She is a blogger too at The best thing in her is her determination. She follows a tagline which is the name of her facebook page and her copyright too i.e. Being Alive. She strictly follows this and stay happy al…

FAQ Team Alfa Bloggers,

FAQ Team Alfa Bloggers, 

1) Why should I have Social Media Accounts ? Social Media Accounts are more of how you handle yours.  Its more like which side of yours you want to be showcased.  Its a platform to socialize,  like,  share and comment down on the topics you and your colleagues might love talking or discussing about. A painter can add series of his/her paintings and get appreciated from friends and followers.  There could be infinite such examples where people can use Social Media accounts to their advantage but personally for me its a platform where I share my space with friends of varied backgrounds. Knowing about what's in trend to seeking solutions to my professional and personal problems all gets sorted as I use the account in a right way and showcasing the sides of mine I want.  I think having a Social Media account is like an asset if you use it appropriately. 
2) Why my Original Pictures are required for this profile ? After I completed my 6 day training as a HR traine…

Madhavi Bhardwaj

Her full name is Madhavi Bhardwaj and she is just a small town girl with big plans for herself.
she did her schooling and graduation in  B.Com (Computers) from Bhopal and currently perusing MBA from manipal university , Jaipur. She is also a post graduate diploma holder in INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. She is a very adapting and goal oriented girl who loves to dance ,creating arts  and making impossible things possible.She is someone who believes in the theory that " leaders are not born but made through a lot of handwork and dedication" and her process of becoming a leader has already started.Her father is in govt service and mother is a homemaker, and a younger brother who is in 11th standard. She cannot say NO when her dear ones asks for help and her kindness becomes her weakness sometimes, but she is working on it hard and converting her weakness into her strengths.

Swetha Maria John

Swetha is a funloving compassionate girl who hails from the city of Cochin.  She is currently pursuing her 4th year of graduation in Law at School of Legal Studies, Cochin University Of Science and Technology,Kerala. By academics she might be a law student but by passion she is a hardcore writter. Her love for writing started when she was a kid and was a huge fan of fictional stories. The idea of creating and getting into a new magical world through words has always facinated her.  Being a 4 feet 11 inch girl she was always teased about her height and there was a time when she dreamt of having long beautiful sexy legs just like her peers. But in later stage of life she realized being a short girl is not something to be worried about and there is a beauty in embracing our own bodies. She started noticing that many people around her who doesnt qualify in to the stereotypical beauty standards are having a the same inferiority feeling just like her. It was then she make use of her passion t…