Amita Raj

Amita Raj is a MBA student at IIM Raipur.
She has graduated in pharmaceutical science from BIT, Mesra.  She has been the organising member of various college events like TEDx,  IIMRaipur Marathon, Leadership Summit. She has volunteered for events at schools for career counselling of the students for their future which was organised by Rotary Club of Raipur and conducted competitions in high schools in collaboration  with IOCL to reach the target of 1 lakh students and help them associate with governing authority. She has done project with 'Child Rights and You' , non-profit organization for raising funds for one of their social activity.
She has participated in a workshop organized by Backspace consulting. She has also participated in Intershala Story writing. Crafting and photography is her hobby through which her imaginations come into life. She likes connecting with people and share new ideas with friends and people around her. She is currently working on an internship projec…

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Shivangi Sharma

Shivangi is pursuing MBA from Dayalbagh Educational Institution. Since childhood, she has been fond of swimming, listening music and dancing (ready to go crazy when DJ plays 90s bollywood songs, to be precise). Her love for co-curricular activities has only grew with time and has made her a thespian on stage and a director behind the curtain. She also is an active member of Feeding India and never leaves a chance to be a part of any social work in the city. Dreams to travel as much as she can and watch the beauty this world holds. Always ready to explore new things.
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Twitter : shivangi009

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Aditi Kashyap

Aditi Kashyap here. Born in Jharkhand, brought up in Gujarat and studied in Rajasthan with currently  her parents in Madhya Pradesh. She is from a versatile background with a good experience of how you can deal with people from different class and background. Opting for studying Electrical Engineering but discovered that she was quite passionate about Management and hence she opted for Minor specialization in Human Resource Management.
She is also an integral part of Nirma University's Volunteer-Teaching Movement which involves going to villages and teaching children. She was also an integral part of the College's Event Organizing Team so this gave her an experience of how you actually manage a team. Apart from this she has anchored for various Events in our College. Apart from these she is quite interested in Reading Novels, watching sci-fi movies and solving different types of Sudoku. Also, she loves to play Badminton and Chess. 

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