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Thursday 23 August 2012

Madhumita, Geetika, Shehla Masood, Bhawari, Fiza who Next ? Who is more accountable ?

What should be a punishment for

Gopal Goyal
Dhruvnarayan Singh
Dr Vijay Malya
Other Politicians ??

This is not a matter of ambitions, this is matter of ``short cuts`` of getting success overnight, if a flight attendant of a company gets post of director in one day, then herself thought that something going wrong. surely Kanda is a victim but clapping never done by single hand. Sordid saga of exploiting women by powerful politicians,who have no morals .

Girls are running after money at the cost of their body. Work hard and do not exchange body for money. These are all very educated women. They are reported dancing nude, drinking in parties. Follow the Sita, Savitri. why a 23 year old was forcing Kanda to divorce his wife and marry her (23) year old. kandas kids are bigger than her. If a man rapes, he must be hanged. But if a joy ride is offered to him, then he must not be blammed.

Well researched article. Covered each n every aspect about both women. Fault is at both ends in both the cases. Only thing is that sufferers in the end are only women. That should not be.

I hardly see any coercion in this case. It appears to be a mutually agreed arrangement followed by the fatal outcome of any wrongdoing.

It is a sameful practice by rich man (dolatmand) who have an eye on woman`s face ,lurred them and pushed in black hole ,so it is my request never help to escape such person ,who forced to suicide her,no body wants to self murder w/o some irristible torture and other type of molestations.our Govt. is wasting time to investigate such person`s crime that is open in day light ,no more proofs,stateway shoot out such type of person in front of public ,so that other people learn a lesson & think 100 times to do such task.

True...Reason being aspirations to fly high in the sky do not have feet hence Talent is rarely used..I guess It is imperative for today`s women not to use HER ASSETS to accomplish the dreams...God bless to those who want to go on TOP without scaling up the Ladder.

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