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Saturday 18 August 2012

Gopal Goyal Kanda surrenders after 13 days

Geetika Sharma death case: Gopal Goyal Kanda surrenders after 13 days

New Delhi: After giving the Delhi Police the slip for 13 consecutive days, former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda finally surrendered in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The MDLR Airlines owner, a prime accused in the suicide of air-hostess Geetika Sharma, surrendered amidst much chaos and high drama.
But what's most shocking is the cat-and-mouse game that this Sirsa MLA was playing with the police.

Sources said that Gopal Kanda was present in Delhi on Friday evening. At 10 PM, Kanda's lawyers unofficially told the media about his 'surrender' plans. At 10:40 PM, the Delhi Police Commissioner tweeted that Kanda would be nabbed soon.

By midnight, Kanda's brother Govind was detained when he apprised the police of his 'surrender' plans. At 12:40 AM, Kanda's lawyers told the police that he is not absconding.
At 4 am on Saturday, Gopal Kanda surrendered at the Ashok Vihar Police Station in a media van dodging the police.

Geetika's family is now skeptical that Kanda will use his political clout to get away.
Geetika's brother Ankit said, "12 days is enough time to destroy evidence and he has abused his power as much as he could. I hope the investigation is unbiased and recorded."
The delhi Police will never be able to explain why with all the resources at their disposal they couldn't arrest the former Haryana minister.
But now that he's been arrested the only way they can save face is to try and ensure that they gather evidence enough to prove the allegations against Kanda.

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